When the blood pressure becomes a real problem?

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If hypertension increases the risk of stroke or heart attack, low blood pressure can bring you to the brink of collapse. Physicians in cardiovascular surgery explained why we must not ignore the first signs of the disease.


The susceptibility of developing hypertension is dictated since childhood, but, besides, unhealthy eating habits, a disorderly life, excesses lead, eventually, to increased blood pressure and heart disease.


"I'm an anatomist who noticed signs of aging veins even in their teens, first plates are visible fat in vascular walls. A common mistake is related to salt intake.


4-5 grams of salt per day is sufficient for the smooth operation of the body. But there are areas in our country where consumption reaches 20 grams per day. The increase in salt intake is associated with a large percentage of the occurrence of blood pressure. 100 grams of cheese or meat can have between 3 and 6 grams of salt content is all the greater as product quality is poor. A busy life can also lead to the occurrence of hypertension and heart disease, "says Dr. Claudiu Chivu.


By blood pressure, we understand the pressure that blood circulates through our veins. "This pressure is expressed in millimeters of mercury because the device which began measuring blood pressure sphygmomanometers were mercury, which remains the same today.


It is incorrect to say that we live. Anyone has a blood pressure, thus making life possible (if we had power, I did not survive, the blood would not circulate). If blood pressure is high, it is fair to say that we have hypertension. If blood pressure is low, we hypotension. From the physical point of view, the veins become stiff with advancing age and artery spasm in the body increases blood pressure, "says Claudiu Chivu, a physician in cardiovascular surgery.


The occurrence of hypertension is related to the existence of determining factors. Genetic heritage is important, but this overlap over our eating and living habits: smoking, sleep deprivation etc.


Stress is one of the factors that cause hypertension. "The body reacts to stress by releasing substances called stress hormones, which causes blood veins spasm," says Claudiu Chivu doctor, physician in cardiovascular surgery.


Signs of hypertension


Symptoms of hypertension are: headache, localized to the forehead and neck, vomiting, visual disturbances, feeling of pulsation in the head. Sometimes pain can also occur in the heart. Facial skin is red. "Blood pressure is expressed by two values: maximum and minimum. If we have 120 70 means that the maximum value is 120mmHg and the minimum value is 70mmHg. If we have a maximum value of 140 and a minimum of 90 speak of a hypertensive patient, "the doctor says Claudiu Chivu thought.


In general, hypertension occurs in people 50 to 60 years and initially appears mornings, wake up, but subsequently and intraday malaise, restlessness, tremors may be signs of undiagnosed hypertension. "Until recently, if a man of 70 years had a blood pressure of 170 mmHg we did not have to panic, but the principles have evolved and are currently out to consider acceptable no increase in blood pressure over 140mHg. It is important but not blood pressure drops suddenly when a patient is used to the high-pressure values, "says the doctor. ( for more health tips visit http://health-tips.ca )


Hypotension can occur when there are hormonal problems


A headache, dizziness and fainting are signs that predict the lower blood pressure. Without a treatment there is a risk of a stroke, cerebral edema, myocardial infarction, internal bleeding are neither neglected it.


Low blood pressure is known as hypotension. "There are some people, especially females at a young age, for which a value of 90 mmHg is not unusual and is very well tolerated. In other situations, however, hypotension should concern us, because it can betray the installation of such hormonal disorders. If hypotension occurs in a person with hypertension due to overdose or dehydration treatment by diarrhea, vomiting or excessive sweating in the heat, a prompt and appropriate treatment is necessary. In such situations, the risk of stroke or heart are high. When you have hypotension, you feel a weakness, black spots in your vision and a headache suddenly appeared. Finally, there is the actual fainting. As a measure, the horizontal extent of the problem can be solved by this maneuver. It recommends a diet richer in salt intake adequate fluids and a glass of red wine per day, "said Claudiu Chivu, a physician in cardiovascular surgery.


If you don't have symptoms of hypertension, anyway after 30 years it is good to make a determination of blood pressure in a few months. In case you were diagnosed with high blood pressure, you need to check your blood pressure whenever you believe that you have a hypertensive crisis. Routine checks are made especially in the morning upon awakening, and after a discomfort, effort, etc.