What causes asthma? Symptoms of asthma, symptoms, types and treatment

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The person affected must undertake something concrete in this direction. Most important: respect the treatment plan prepared by a physician. Patients should directly confront the disease.

These measures include participation in a training program on the subject of asthma, which will explain the proper way to address asthma, establishing a medication, measurements made personal by using the Peak Flow Meter, the best technique of breathing and the most important elements related to everyday life in the conditions created by asthma. The doctor will explain the treatment and possibilities of reaction in case of an acute asthma access. The patient may simplify the monitoring of treatment by completing an asthma diary in which you enter the values ​​that you made regular measurements.

Asthma prevention
To avoid bouts of asthma is important to avoid pathogens. If the known triggers or irritants, they should be avoided if possible, be it cigarette smoke, animal dander or foggy weather, wet and cold. For parents of children with asthma should avoid smoking in the presence of children - smoke is one of the leading risk factors for bronchial asthma.

Asthma is advised to avoid respiratory infections and dental infections. It is important consumption of sufficient amounts of water to keep hydrated as airway mucosa. Relaxation methods have proven effective for many people suffering from asthma.

Asthma and sport

Many of the attacks of asthma can be reduced in intensity or even avoided through sport. Asthma need not represent an excuse to avoid practicing physical activities. On the contrary: by sport and regular physical activity such as swimming or cycling, bronchi are involved. If such an effort causes bouts of astm- medicului- can be administered after consulting a bronchodilator before physical activity.

Often those with asthma are advised to vaccinate against certain diseases of the airways (pneumococci flu). The same recommendation: consulting a doctor beforehand.

Peak-Flow-Meter and asthma diary

To overcome the day well and to keep asthma under control, the patient should check lung function four times a day at set times. With this device to measure peak flow breathing, so the strongest flow of breath at the beginning of a strong exhale. Measurement values ​​are documented in a diary of asthma with medication. By this method, the sufferer can be achieved if and to what extent personal condition improves. Journal offered medical treatment and support must be submitted to consult. The term "scheme - traffic light" is used to bring more order to the measured values.

Green indicates achieving a score of 80-100% of the maximum personal, recorded during the previous multiple measurements. The patient is well located.
The yellow color corresponds to 60-80% of the maximum personal. In this situation, the physician should adjust medication long term and establish the following procedures with the patient.
Red means that the recorded value was below the threshold of 60% of the maximum personal and the patient must seek urgent medical help. Emergency medical treatment should be available. You should avoid coming into panic and the technique of breathing to avoid cramps. ( for more health tips visit http://health-tips.ca )

The functioning of Peak Flow Measurement

For the measurement to be successful, must be conducted as follows:

Position the pointer in the right zero.
Breathe as deeply and hold the air in the lungs.
Insert tube in your mouth and hold it tightly closed, all around the lips! The tube must be kept straight and the side indicator should not be covered fingers.
Then exhale as quickly and with as much force. Value can be read on the indicator.
In preparation for the next measurement, the indicator will be reset to zero.
Final washing is important. Tube inserted into the mouth is removable and can be rinsed with warm water. Dry it properly.
Asthma and overweight
In general, these rules have been established for everyday life in treating asthma:

Regular administration of drugs, as recommended by doctor
Routine structured, balanced, free from stress and chaos
Avoiding allergies, for example by this pollen forecasts
Immediate visit to the doctor for infections
Strictly prohibiting smoking
Practicing breathing exercises for gymnastics
Practicing a sport of endurance
Completing an asthma diary
And in general, the following rule applies both healthy individuals and those suffering from asthma: weights too much is the enemy of good. Finnish researchers found that obese asthmatics cope with this difficult disease compared with normal weight asthmatics.

Through a strict diet, improves both health and overall well as lung function becomes clear and stronger. Asthmatics who lost the extra pounds have managed to inspire and expire air with a higher power. Likewise, if the volume of air inspired and expired asthmatics weakest recorded higher figures. Patients who have low weight, have seen fewer attacks of asthma and needed less medication.