What are the foods that give us DEPENDENCE?

by admin / Nov 29, 2016 / 0 comments

There are only a few of those who don't resist to broccoli, sauté carrots and dandelion tea. Usually and unfortunately you go to a completely different kind of food such as French fries, chocolate chip cookies, chips or pizza. And the worst is that it's addictive. Who can resist the smell of vanilla donuts, pies with cheese or freshly baked aroma of coffee with milk and cream ?! They are delicious, we must admit. And even if we don't have around, we often feel the need to eat something. Why? Because they give addiction, say researchers.

According to a study cited in The Huffington Post, there are certain unhealthy foods that we know, however, we cannot control in front of them. In the research, more than 500 people were asked to answer a questionnaire with questions about eating habits. They have therefore identified foods that give the greatest dependency on a scale of 1 to 7. The first pizza place (with 4.01 points), then chocolate and chips (3.73), cookies (with 3.71 points) and ice cream (3.68 points). On the other hand, make absolutely no problem with carrots (1.6 points), apples (1.66) and rice (1.74). ( Find more health tips here: http://health-tips.ca )

As we can see, foods that give the most addiction are heavily processed, sugary and fat. "They increase blood sugar levels, causing changes in the brain, a pleasure almost similar to that given by drugs or alcohol," explains the doctors who conducted the research. However, addiction to food is not 100% certified and officially recognized, is rather integrated into the category of eating disorders.