Weight Loss

This Powerful Recipe Will Help You Lose 5kg in 5 Days

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This amazing weight loss drink will help you burn fat and cut your weight within a short time. The active ingredient in this mixture comes from  fennel seeds and they have a wide range of  benefits such as:

Drink this to Stop Snacking

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People get calories from regular snacking. This habit can be addictive but there is a simple solution to this, drinking tea.

Use Half a Lemon to Lose Weight

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Proper digestion must take place when you want to lose weight, this means that food calories and any other useful substance must be properly distributed throughout the body.

Want to Lose Weight? Coconut Might Be the Answer

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Food trends showed that 2017 would be the year of coconuts and not just coconut water but coconut butter, chips and ice cream. There is even talk of coconut being good for those who want to shed some pounds. Let’s find out if this is true:

Which is the best Metabolism Booster, Cold or Warm Water?

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Most people prefer to drink cold water over warm water. According to the University of Washington, you burn 8 extra calories when you drink a cup of cold water as compared to warm water. The main reason you burn the extra calories when drinking cold water is due to the fact that your body burns energy to maintain the temperature at 98.60F. If you want to lose weight, the eight calories that you burn after drinking cold water is not a big deal.

This Mixture Will Make Your Belly Fat Disappear in 10 Days

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This mixture will help you lose those extra pounds without any diet. You only need the following readily available ingredients:



How This Mixture Works

Lose Weight and Fight Diabetes Easily With This Process

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Diabetes has become a common ailment and is affecting people from all genders and ages. It is a serious condition that should not be left untreated. Insulin is commonly used to control this health condition by bringing the blood sugar levels to normal. However, there is a natural approach that is very useful at normalizing the sugar levels and removing excess body fluids.

Are You Obese and You Want to Lose Weight? You Should Know Your Obesity Type

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Like almost everything else, obesity isn’t the same. Many people think that the weight loss plans of eating less and exercising more applies across the board but this is not correct. Researchers at the University of Sheffield based in the UK found that there are six types of obesity. To meet the weight loss goals, each one must be addressed accordingly.

This Simple Nutrient Will Help You Burn Fat

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Fiber is an important nutrient but sadly, many people don’t understand it or its importance. In easy to understand terms, fiber is a form of carbohydrate that cannot be digested by humans.

Looking for a Weight Management Diet? Go for Omega-3 Diet

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Deep sea fish such as sharks, salmon, swordfish and mackerel have high concentrates of omega-3. Also, walnuts and canola oil contain omega-3. Aside from the health benefits, omega-3 fatty acids can help you lose weight. It is recommended that you take about 3 to 4 grams of this fat every day. According to the USDA Food Guide Pyramid, sticking to the RDA of omega-3s can help you reduce weight.