Effective Home Remedies that Cure Food Poisoning

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Food poisoning is brought about by ingesting contaminated foods. When we suspect that we might be suffering from a case of food poisoning, we rush to the pharmacy to buy medicines that do not always come cheap.

Auroville: India's famed utopian community

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1,500 inhabitants live in an Indian city called Auroville, they built themselves bizarre houses, cooking with solar energy and try to give a new meaning to the concept of community. Their location is a laboratory, and they are the pioneers of human evolution. In Auroville there is no system of laws, police or mayor, life is entirely organic, without television and discos.

Critical situation experienced by a diver. 3-meter white shark entered the cage designed to protect him - (VIDEO)

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A team of explorers who were observing the great white sharks near the coast of California in order to photograph them and lived some moments of horror when they have realized that their diver remained locked in a metal cage with a 3-meter white shark.

Temperature inside a car in summer

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During hot temperatures, the human body has suffered more than cars. If the car has not suffered from previous damage such as a porous hose of the cooling water, then it has no problems to face the high temperatures. Not the same can be said about the human body. Heat can affect driving ability and thus traffic safety. In extreme cases may even collapse of the circulatory system.

10 tips for temperature inside a car in summer
I have prepared some tips for coping easier sauna temperatures recorded in summer cars: