8 Easy Ways to Quit Using Plastic (Part 2)

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  • 5. Avoid using plastic toothbrushes, use the ones made from bamboo instead > ecological bamboo toothbrush

    8 Easy Ways to Quit Using Plastic

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    Is it possible to end the plastic menace? This is a question in the minds of people around the world. But one of the biggest steps that we can take as individuals to win this war is to cut our use of single-use or surplus disposable plastic items.


    Health Benefits of Singing in The Shower

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    Even though singing in the shower can annoy your roommate or siblings, it is good for your health. Some of the health benefits are:

    Relieving Stress

    How to Lower Cholesterol Levels

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    Many people believe that cholesterol is bad but this is not entirely true. The body needs cholesterol so that the nerves, cells and hormones function properly. Cholesterol becomes bad when it builds up on the arterial walls (plaque) decreasing the flow of blood into key areas of the body. If plaque buildup continues, the chances of heart attack and stroke rise.

    Here’s What to Do if You Have Genital Warts

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    Genital warts are small bumps that are difficult to find because they take on the color of the skin but if you look closely, they look like minute cauliflowers. They can be on or inside your genitals and can affect the entire genital area including the penis, scrotum. Vulva, cervix and the anus.

    Natural Remedy for Arthritis and Joint Pain

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    Arthritis is a condition that causes serious joint pain especially in the ankles and knees and usually affects the older generation. There are anti-inflammatory drugs that control the pain but they only work for a short time and are costly.

    Never Eat Anything After 7PM

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    Many people have a habit of late night eating especially when watching TV shows and movies. It might be fun but you are putting yourself at risk if you practice this habit regularly. According to medical experts, eating food two hours before going to bed increases the risks of a heart attack.

    Remove Face Spots Instantly

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    Face spots can damage your look and make you feel less confident about yourself. The good news is, you don’t have to buy and try different facial creams or products that can worsen your condition. You can use the following readily available ingredients:

    Remove Tartars and Caries from Your Teeth with This Mixture

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    Having white and healthy teeth is a must for all of us. This makes it necessary to keep up healthy oral hygiene and visiting the dentist on a regular.

    Beware, Chinese Clothes Could Be Poisoning You

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    The clothing industry is very lucrative and rakes in billions of dollars every year. China has many cloth manufacturing plants where different types of material and chemicals are used. Many consumers think that dyed clothes and synthetic fibers are safe but unfortunately, this is not true.