This Smoothie is the Secret to Having Beautiful Skin

by Daniel / May 20, 2017 / 0 comments

As people age, the skin becomes rough and develops wrinkles and this is not desirable. Beautiful skin is clear, soft, clean and smooth. Don’t worry if your skin is rough and has developed wrinkles, this smoothie will transform it in a matter of weeks.

The Ingredients

Hydration is important for soft and beautiful skin. Drinking water is good for your skin but sometimes, this is not enough. You should prepare and drink this smoothie that is obtained from fresh organic fruits. You will need the following readily available fruits:

2 ripe berries and peaches

One papaya with the seeds intact

One banana

One fresh ginger root

1/2 peeled lemon

Fresh coconut and its water

Fresh mint to garnish


Blend all the ingredients together and drink the end product. You will notice how your skin will start to become soft and smooth within a matter of weeks.