The Main Threats to a Woman’s Health

by Daniel / Jun 06, 2017 / 0 comments

As a woman, it is good to know the biggest threats to your wellbeing as this will enable you to live a long and fulfilling life. Knowing the conditions that can lead to problems in the future is beneficial because you will take the necessary steps to prevent them. The following are some medical conditions that women should be aware of:

Heart Disease

Many women believe that breast cancer is the number one threat to their health but this is not true. According to health experts, heart ailments take the lives of women that all cancer forms combined. Keep heart diseases away by exercising on regular, eating foods that have low cholesterol and high fiber. Also, avoid excessive drinking and smoking as its bad for you.


Statistics show that cancer takes the lives of 270,000 women in US alone. There are many types of cancer with lung cancer being the number one killer and breast cancer coming in second. You can stay away from cancer by living a healthy lifestyle like eating fruits and vegetables.


Women suffer from strokes more than men and statistics show that 60 percent of stroke-related deaths consist of women. Prevent stroke by eating right, quitting smoking and going for regular checkups.


There are 26 million people in the US suffering from diabetes with 12.6 million of them being women. Living a healthy lifestyle is an effective way to prevent type 2 diabetes.

Kidney Disease

Many women suffer from kidney diseases where the kidneys stop functioning normally and this allows poisonous substances into the blood. Avoid heart problems, diabetes and heart diseases as they cause kidney disease.


This condition causes your bones to weaken due to loss of bone tissue and this may cause fractures. Many people know that they have this condition after suffering a fracture where a bone density measurement through x-ray reveals the problem. You should eat foods rich in calcium and vitamin D and get enough sunshine. You should also exercise to maintain the ideal weight.