Temperature inside a car in summer

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During hot temperatures, the human body has suffered more than cars. If the car has not suffered from previous damage such as a porous hose of the cooling water, then it has no problems to face the high temperatures. Not the same can be said about the human body. Heat can affect driving ability and thus traffic safety. In extreme cases may even collapse of the circulatory system.

10 tips for temperature inside a car in summer
I have prepared some tips for coping easier sauna temperatures recorded in summer cars:

Most importantly will moisturize! Drink three liters of fluid daily. The best is water. You can try and juices mixed with plenty of water or tea. Avoid drinking coffee in large quantities.
If longer routes, it is recommended to respect the stretch breaks in the shade to stimulate the circulatory system.
If possible, try to schedule trips o'clock in the morning or afternoon to avoid high temperatures between 12 and 15.
Before each trip, keep windows and doors open a few minutes to allow air some colder outside.
For those who have problems with drafts: keep windows closed and the ventilation fan to set ambient.
In the summer, the air in the car can reach 60 degrees, which is particularly dangerous especially for children and pets. -no Never leave children or animals for a short time- closed car.
Louvers can be effective. The dashboard, steering wheel and seat can get hot enough to cause burns hard that the skin. If you can not find a parking place in the shade, these elements should be covered from the inside to avoid trouble.
When you set the air conditioner, make sure that the difference between the temperature outside and the car does not exceed six degrees to avoid the risk of colds and circulatory system problems.
Avoid direct application of air conditioning on the body, because the cold air could cause muscle cramps.
For keeping drugs are recommended to invest in a thermal container. Certain medications become ineffective under the effect of heat. ( for more health tips visit http://health-tips.ca )
Do not forget the sunscreen
Those who spend several hours in the car, it must not forget the sunscreen skin. We are not only the passengers of convertibles, but for all car passengers because solar UV rays penetrate even through the glass!