Never Eat Anything After 7PM

by Daniel / Jun 17, 2017 / 0 comments

Many people have a habit of late night eating especially when watching TV shows and movies. It might be fun but you are putting yourself at risk if you practice this habit regularly. According to medical experts, eating food two hours before going to bed increases the risks of a heart attack.

A study was conducted in Turkey on more than 700 adults of ages 18-65 suffering from high blood pressure with the aim of determining the difference of what people eat and the time they eat. A number of indicators were checked but the vital ones were:

Amount of salt consumed

Types of food consumed throughout the day

Whether they ate breakfast regularly or not

Time of eating evening meals

The study unearthed that those who ate dinner late at night had a negative impact on their overnight blood pressure. This study proved that eating food less than two hours before bedtime is more dangerous than consuming salty foods.

This means that if you sleep at 10pm you should eat your dinner at 7pm.

Blood Pressure and Heart Ailments

Many diseases affecting the heart are caused by high blood pressure or hypertension. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one billion people had high blood pressure in 2008.

The body’s blood pressure goes down by 10 percent when you sleep. But if you eat too close to bedtime, your body stays in alert mode meaning that your blood pressure won’t go down overnight. This raises the chances of a heart attack and is a condition known as non-dipper hypertension and it kills.

Stay healthy by eating early i.e. two hours before bedtime.