How to Pick the Best and Tasty Watermelon

by Daniel / Apr 19, 2017 / 0 comments

Nothing can come close to a watermelon especially when the weather is really hot. The sad part is, not all watermelons are tasty and you must know your fruits to pick the best one every time. The good news is, there are useful tips that you can follow to pick the right fruit; here’s how:


When it comes to watermelons, size matters. Many people are of the idea that the biggest fruits are the best ones but in reality, average sized watermelons are the most succulent and tasty.

Gender of the Fruit

Yes, you read that right; there are “boy” watermelons and “girl” watermelons. The boy watermelons are elongated while the girl ones are more round and they are the sweetest.


Always buy the watermelon with a dried tail as those are the really ripe ones. A green tail shows that the watermelon was picked too early and it doesn’t have the best taste.

Field Spot

Pick watermelons with orange-yellow or creamy-yellow spots, these are the tastiest.


The webbing of this fruit shows the number of times the bees visited the flower. More pollination means better taste.