Healthy Ways to Gain Weight If You are Underweight

by admin / Jun 04, 2015 / 0 comments

Weight gain for some of us is a real problem. Nutritionist say that people who do not get fat are not necessarily ill, but simply have a much faster metabolism, unlike those who gain weight even when eating a chocolate.

Health experts recommend people experiencing this problem should not abuse sweets and no fact-food products, as the results will soon appear, and their health will suffer.

"The healthiest way of fattening is made by combining exercise with calorie diet. Only diet can lead to weight gain, but this must be represented mainly fat, while strength training or resistance stimulate muscle growth, "says Mihaela Bilic physician nutritionist, author of" Health tastes. "

Below you can find practical advice for fattening.

● Fill diet two to three snacks in addition to the three main meals. "Organize yourself so that you always have a sandwich available, which can be eaten independent from working or from where you are" recommended dr. Mihaela Bilic.

● Discard eat appetizers and main course directly. Bilic says nutritionist avoid respecting this rule to fill your stomach with food calorie. "Enrich with cream soups or broths, and choose the post cold cuts and cheese appetizer, salad not" indicate specialist in nutrition.

● Eat hearty breakfast. Choose the first meal of the day for whole milk and whole grains mixed with dried fruit or chocolate. Also, you should add cheese omelette and bacon. "Do economy butter, jam and bread when it comes to breakfast," says dr. Bilic.

● Avoid drinking water during a meal. This usually gives the feeling of satiety from the first mouths to eat. Thus, if you want to keep the place fattened indicated in the stomach for foods that have a high caloric density.( )

● "Add milk powder in any preparation: from coffee cakes, mashed potatoes or even fresh milk", nutritionist doctor recommends people who want to earn some extra kilos

● Make the product easy crunching. Raisins, hazelnuts, figs, olives, plums and apricots, seeds, wafers and chocolate are only good food to nibble between meals.

● never give up dessert, even if you are sick. "Take advantage of every coffee break to eat a pastry, like a croissant, muffin or why not a tart", Mihaela Bilic also recommended.

● Take advantage of foods that others only dream about. These include many types of cheese pizza, pasta carbonara or bolognezele. Fries or spicy wings are also safe for fattening.

● "Make it a habit to drink a glass of wine every day, because this drink stimulates appetite and favors accumulation of fat calories in deposits. In addition, alcohol has a higher energy content of carbohydrates and proteins, "said dr. Bilic.

● Stop smoking. Nutritionists say that nicotine decreases and inhibits sensory endings responsible for the perception of taste and smell of food. "The food will be tastier with cigarette smoke and reflex may be replaced by the crunch, hence the advantage of extra calories," explains the doctor. It supplements that cigarettes enhances metabolic burnt, so eliminating smoking from your daily routine brings an "economy" 200 kilocalories / day which can be used for weight gain.