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Suffering From Stress? These Foods Can Help

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Everyone suffers from stress once in a while. While some of us handle stress pretty well, there are others who are overwhelmed by it. When stressed, people have a tendency to overeat on cake, ice cream and chips, these foods are known as comfort foods because people believe that they lessen the effects of stress. These foods might seem to work by lifting our spirits but this feeling only lasts for a few hours and stress kicks in once more. They are also bad for your health; think of the amounts of bad calories that one ingests by overeating unhealthy foods while stressed.

Natural antibiotics, magical cures for body and soul

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Until the discovery of penicillin, the first antobiotic made man, nature gave us all necessary remedies to treat various diseases or of various diseases. Today, synthetic antibiotics have become a common thing in everyone's life and people are turning to them becoming more and sometimes indiscriminate. I just looked so mother nature gives us further antibiotics that have an even stronger effect than the synthetic drugs. We are glad that quickly get rid of an infection with these drugs, but look completely side effects, disastrous time, they cause them.

How did an American lost over 100 kilograms in one year

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Jarve Hall, a former high school football player in Oregon (USA), has gone from 248 kilograms to 121 kilograms in one year after participating in a famous American show.

The American says it began to gain weight in school, because he was "delighted" by the way he looked and aimed to gain weight as much as possible.

"I started to get fat in school. People told me that if you are larger, are more masculine, more powerful. I was excited, I wanted to be big, "Hall told in the famous reality show.

(VIDEO) The secret of longevity revealed by the oldest man in the world (145 years)

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The oldest man in the world is Indonesia Mbah Goto. He is 145 years old and was born in 1870.The old man claims he began to prepare to die in 1992 and even made the tombstone, but after 24 years, is still alive.
The man saw go out, one by one, everyone in his family: the 10 brothers and sisters, his four wives and children. Despite his impressive age, Indonesian claims that all he wants is to die. ( for more health tips visit )