Foot Reflexology, What is It?

by Daniel / Feb 13, 2017 / 0 comments

Most people regard reflexology as an alternative type of treatment and is used together with the regular medical care practices. Today, many medical centers are offering foot reflexology to those who can gain from it. Some of the beneficiaries include people who suffer from stress and athletes. This practice is also beneficial to those suffering from acute health problems such as arthritis, cancer, hypertension and diabetes.

Foot reflexology is science based and should, therefore, be performed by a qualified reflexologist. It should not be associated with or mistaken for massages or faith based healing. It can only be compared to acupressure as both of these processes involve the application of pressure at different strategic points. An experienced reflexologist applies pressure to different parts of the feet using his/her fingers employing different hand techniques without using oils.    

The bottom of the foot has more than 7,000 nerve endings with all connected to different body regions, organs and glands through the spinal cord and the brain. This explains why the manipulation of these nerve endings located at the bottom of the feet has positive effects to the connected body parts and regions.

Foot reflexology fastens and enhances the body’s abilities to heal. Applying pressure to particular points under the foot increases the blood flow to the connected organ, glands or regions resulting to better delivery of oxygen, nutrients and excretion of waste products.

Foot reflexology is a good way to keep your feet in excellent condition as they are some of the most overworked and abused body parts. Think about it, your feet support your body weight when you’re walking or when in an upright position. You need to pamper your feet in the right way in order to feel good. Foot reflexology is good for those with sprained ankles, swollen feet, bunions, plantar fasciitis and other feet injuries.

Important Info

Always consult with your medical expert if you desire to go through this type of treatment especially if you’re under medication for a particular condition.