How to Make Crunchy French Fries Without Oil

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Potatoes were first cultivated in South America but they are now grown in almost every part of the world. Potatoes are used to make a variety of dishes and you can bake or steam them but most people prefer to fry them.

The Healthiest Way to Cook Mushrooms

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Mushrooms have a lot of nutritional content but what is the best way to cook them without losing their nutritional value? Scientists have run tests to find the answer to this important questions and it’s not pan frying.

Homemade Cough Syrup with Onion and Honey

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The combination of these two natural ingredients will help you fight that nagging cough. It is an easy process that you can do from the comfort of your home.

This natural syrup will save you money, it is healthier, effective and better tasting than over the counter medication.

The Turmeric and Pineapple Juice that Eases Gout

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Gout is a type of arthritis that has sudden and severe joint pains. When suffering from an attacks, the area swells, becomes red and warm with sharp pains. The attacks starts from one joint to another and often attacks the joints of the big toe.

This Smoothie Will Lower Your Blood Pressure

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We have the recipe for a blueberry smoothie that will keep your body performing at optimum levels. A recent study showed that this drink can lower your blood pressure.

This Smoothie Will Help You Balance Your Blood Sugar Level

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This is a wonderful smoothie that has plenty of antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, phytonutrients and protein. This healthy smoothie will balance your blood sugar level and maintain it right through the day.

Foods that Improve Brain Functions for Kids

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Giving your children the right food as they grow up is good for their development and particularly the brain. On top of fuelling your kids’ bodies to get through school and extracurricular activities, you also need to provide the brain with the right kind of nutrients to work properly. Here are the best foods for brain development.

Reasons You Should Drink More Coconut Water

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Coconut water is tasty and refreshing and has a nutty taste. The carbohydrates in coconut water are easily digested in the form of sugar and electrolytes. The water has high levels of potassium than bananas, it is also low in calories, fat and cholesterol. Drinking the water from young, green coconuts provides you with incredible health benefits.

Stay Away From These Foods If You Have Thyroid Disorder

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Thyroid glands are found at the base of the neck and they play a very big role in the metabolic processes of the body by producing certain hormones. A number of people have thyroid disorders; this can be an enlarged gland that doesn’t need any treatment or others that can lead to cancer.

Cancer Disappears When You Consume These Foods

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Cancer is a disease that occurs when cells starts to divide and grow out of control. There are many types of cancer (over 100) and each is determined by the cell that is initially affected. When the human body starts to form, there is a stage known as angiogenesis, when the blood vessels are created. This part does not end after a person is born; it’s the same process that rebuilds the blood canals when the skin, veins and arteries suffer from cuts and injuries.