Eating Food At Regular Intervals

by admin / Dec 08, 2016 / 0 comments

Typically many of us are facing problems relating to our gastrointestinal activity. This includes bloating, constipation, aches and pains. These lead to obesity, sluggishness, insomnia and irritation. It is our food habits that are responsible for this condition. We need to change our dietary habits in order to remain healthy.

Many of us tend to delay our eating as much as possible, in order to stay thin. Hence we avoid breakfast. We try to remain hungry for as long as we possibly can. But this does not really help. When we eat after remaining hungry for long, we tend to overeat. Hence we will go on consuming as much as we possibly can. This way it backfires. Whatever had been missed out upon is now covered up in a much worse manner. Besides, the body gets the impression that food is available after a starvation phase. Hence it tends to store up the food in order to use up as reserve when the body goes hungry again. This leads to fat accumulation making us obese.( for more health tips visit )

Hence it is best to eat smaller meals, but at frequent intervals. This will help to keep the blood sugar levels and the person will feel agile too. Hence a regular time-table is very important. Skipping meals does not help here. It is advisable to have a routine.

In addition, drink a lot of water at regular intervals. This is not fruit juice, alcohol or aerated drinks or tea or coffee!