Do You Suffer From Egg Allergy? Stay Safe from Hidden Egg Ingredients

by Daniel / Mar 15, 2017 / 0 comments

Egg allergy is quite common and anyone can have it. The symptoms can be simple and easily treatable while others can be life threatening such as anaphylaxis. The best way to avoid an allergic reaction is to stay away from eggs but this is almost impossible as some foods hide their ingredients. Here’s how you can identify hidden egg ingredients:

Read the Label

Avoid anything with the label “egg”.  Check the ingredient statements everytime.

Understand the Advisory Labels

Aside from the list of ingredients, there are other labels such as “may contain”. These statements are not defined well by the FDA and most companies are free to use them. However, the products in the market today use clear statements especially if the food has major allergens.

Know the Other Eggs Terms

Some foods use other terms to describe eggs, these names are:





Albumin or albumen

Ovovitelia and ovovitellin


Meringue and meringue powder





Know the Foods that have Traces of Eggs

Some surprising foods that have eggs are:

Coffee especially cappuccino that uses egg white for that foamy topping

Protein shakes that use white powder or whole eggs

Surimi, a substitute to crab meat and is used in sushi

Desserts with shiny appearance

If you have egg allergies stay away from all eggs as they can cause the same reaction as chicken eggs.