You Won’t believe that These Leaves Manage Diabetes

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Diabetes is a condition that affects the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar levels in the body. This condition comes about when the pancreas is not capable to produce the required levels of insulin or regulate insulin effectively. Diabetes also goes together with other health conditions including:

  • - Weakness
  • - Poor eyesight that progresses to blindness (if the condition is left untreated)
  • - Heart disease
  • - ED problems
  • - Kidney failure
  • - Nerve damage
  • - Hypertension

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Sadly, there is still no cure for this life changing condition but there are some lifestyle alterations that diabetics can make leading to huge benefits. There are a number of drugs that control diabetes to help patients lead a normal life but they are usually costly and some even cause side effects. This is the reason many patient turn to natural treatments as they are more affordable; natural remedies have little or no side effects. Nature gives us remedies for many ailments including diabetes. This time, nature has provided us with mango leaves for treating diabetes.

How Mango Leaves Control Diabetes

Mango leaves extract has been used for a long time by the Chinese to treat diabetes and asthma. Mango leaves have active ingredients that help heart functions such as:

  • - Gallic acid
  • - Caffeic acid
  • - Flavonoids
  • - Mangaferin

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These active ingredients protect the body against allergies and removes toxins from the body and are great for controlling diabetes.

Benefits of Mango Leaves in Fighting Diabetes

Control Blood Sugar

These leaves regulate blood sugar by helping the body to produce insulin and to distribute glucose. This process leads to low blood sugar levels.

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Checks Cholesterol

High cholesterol in the body can bring about heart damage and this can be really bad for those suffering from this condition. Mango leaves are effective as they have vitamin C, fiber and pectin for lowering bad cholesterol.

Prevents Diabetic Retinopathy

Mango leaves fight many symptoms of this condition including blurry vision

How to Prepare Mango Leaves

Pluck fifteen mango leaves and wash them. Add the clean mango leaves to a bowl of hot water and leave them overnight. Drink the concoction in the morning before anything else. Continue this routine for 2 to 3 months to see improved results.