Woman Stopped Using Deodorant for a Week and the Following Happened

by Daniel / Mar 28, 2017 / 0 comments

Most people cannot imagine living without deodorants but just like many others things that we use almost every day, they are filled with chemicals. Chemicals such as aluminum are harmful after a long period of use because they can clog your sweat glands or even cause aluminum buildup. One woman decided to give this a try and the following happened:

Day 1: She was self-aware and kept apologizing to almost everyone about her armpits. However no one noticed because her armpits didn’t smell.

Day 2: The odor was strong that even lifting her arms up to reduce the stench didn’t work. But instead of being more self conscious, she liked going without deodorant and the pores under her arms felt fresher as they weren’t clogged.

Day 3: She was more confident and even felt sexier. She had no reason to be embarrassed by a pungent smell; it actually empowered her.

Day 4: Still she had no deodorant on and the smell from her armpits wasn’t that strong. She even noticed that she did not sweat that much.

Day 5: She woke up to no armpit smell but this was short lived as it was 90 degrees outside. The smell was too much that even her mother told her about it.

Day 6: Feeling down after the events of day 5, she almost used deodorant. Her mother suggested essential oils and they reduced the smell of her armpits.

Day 7: 24 hours after using essential oils instead of deodorant, her armpits still smelled like essential oils. This was the day that she decided never to use deodorants ever again.

If you sweat moderately, you can go deodorant-less but if you sweat more, use natural alternatives such as crystal deodorant that is chemical free.