Why it's good to include coconut in our daily diet?

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Oil or coconut butter is a good source of vegetable fats. It has a high content of saturated fat, so you oxidize more difficult and almost two years until it becomes rancid. But this very high content of saturated fat makes it very controversial. Saturated fats are blamed and not recommended by doctors, nutritionists and researchers alike because of health problems they cause. So why recommend coconut oil or butter?


1. Because this virgin oil has a high content of lauric acid, which is processed by the body (combined with glycerol) and converted into monolaurin. It is found only in coconut and milk.

You can find on labels under different names: monolaurin, glycerol monolaurate, glyceryl LAURATE or 1-lauroyl-glycerol. It is used as surfactants in detergents, in cosmetics (deodorants) in the food industry as an emulsifier.


2. Virgin coconut oil is saturated fat consisting of short and medium chain triglycerides, easily digestible and not having as many risks as other saturated fats. In addition, it contains monounsaturated fat (oleic acid) and polyunsaturated fats (linoleic acid), polyphenols (which give aroma and flavor of coconut), vitamin E, vitamin K and iron. ( for more health tips visit http://health-tips.ca )


Coconut oil can be used in food preparation, including the vegetarian or paleo food, paleo pancakes coconut flour, added to soups, sauces, tea, juices, milk (vegetable), desserts etc., preferably cold or at room temperature.

When using coconut oil in cooking or baking, do not exceed temperatures above the point of smoking / burning 177 degrees Celsius (i loses its beneficial properties and change the molecular structure becomes unhealthy).


Do not overdo it! The daily amount of fat needed varies from person to person, depending on age, height, weight, physical activity, health problems etc. And official guidelines vary, but take for example the UK: for most people consider eating a 2,000 calorie / day women, 2500 calories / day to 1800 men calories / day children 5-10ani and saturated fats should NOT exceed 20g / day women and children, 30g / day men (total fat 70g / day women and children, 95g / day men).


Keep in containers from glass, ceramics, porcelain, closed well (preferably airtight). To NOT be stored in plastic. There is no need to keep refrigerated.


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