Which is the best Metabolism Booster, Cold or Warm Water?

by Daniel / May 18, 2017 / 0 comments

Most people prefer to drink cold water over warm water. According to the University of Washington, you burn 8 extra calories when you drink a cup of cold water as compared to warm water. The main reason you burn the extra calories when drinking cold water is due to the fact that your body burns energy to maintain the temperature at 98.60F. If you want to lose weight, the eight calories that you burn after drinking cold water is not a big deal.

It may appear significant at first but drinking either cold or warm water only prevents overheating and boosts your metabolism.

You may feel a warm soothing effect in your stomach after drinking a cup of warm water but there is no evidence to confirm that it is absorbed in a different way than cold water.

The main thing is, it’s important to continue drinking water whether it’s warm or cold. Never mind the temperature the water is served in.