What is vegan diet. Vegan life, food, recipes, essentials

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Vegan diet requires giving up all animal foods. To all? And what we can eat without putting our health at risk? These are among the questions that I hear most often vegans. However feel good, without consuming animal products and food.

Why choose a vegan lifestyle?
The motivations may differ among vegans, but the most common is the desire to protect animals as a vegan lifestyle involves in addition eating a vegan diet, and quitting price to use animal products. A 100% vegan lifestyle has become almost impossible in the times we live in, because many products are animal or related to animals: from administering medication, clothing, cosmetics, detergents for home and many others.

At a time when industrial growth of animal tests carried out on animals and factory farming have become a common aspect, they play a key factor for vegans. In food production, especially animal products are used because they are cheaper than vegetable or synthetic.

Vegan diet is healthy
Another reason for choosing vegan food is health. Healthy and balanced diet requires a high consumption of vegetables and fruits and less meat. To prevent and treat almost all diseases are recommended and even required nutrition. Among the most common diseases include obesity, whose cause consists of an unhealthy diet, rich in cholesterol and fat. So choosing a vegan diet are justified from this point of view.

For many disorders such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatism or as support in cancer treatment, we recommend a diet with a low intake of animal foods. The trend is upward in terms of nutrition vegan.

Components of vegan cuisine
Vegan cuisine can be varied and tasty. Giving up animal products does not automatically limiting fada. Vegan cuisine replaces many of the foods the animals without compromising in terms of taste. The milk is replaced by rice milk, soy and oats.

It can give up eggs without problems, or you can use the so-called egg substitute, a vegetable powder made from soy protein. Baking can give full egg or replace them with oil.

Gelatin obtained from connective tissues from pigs and cattle is found in many foods as a thickener. Vegan alternatives such as agar, pectin in fruits and carob bean flour. Meat is often replaced with well-known tofu. ( for more health tips visit http://health-tips.ca )

Tofu as an alternative to meat
Tofu has the consistency of soft cheeses, neutral taste and is made from soybeans. Is an ingredient in Asian cuisine being met increasingly often and western cuisine, particularly among vegans and vegetarians. Tofu is rich in protein, suitable for preparing main meals, and desserts and is an optimal alternative for vegans. Also, meat can be replaced with avocado, soy or oyster mushrooms.

As vegan food demand grows, develops and demand. Thus, the market is available vegan cheese obtained from soybeans, tofu silk, nutritional yeast. Among the foods you include and vegans avoid honey. In nutrition, honey is replaced with sugar beet syrup, agave or maple.

Whose lack of calcium intake is frequently used arguments against eating vegan can be ensured by eating turnips, broccoli, walnuts, sesame seeds.