What is gastritis? How to treat gastritis? Treatment and symptoms of gastritis

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A certain percentage (40%) of duodenal ulcers and gastric heal spontaneously by themselves. Process improvement is conditioned by the changing context of mentally-vegetative patient. This statement is supported by scientific studies, according to which about 40 50% of patients were cured with placebo (drugs without active ingredients). Effective antacid drugs exceeds success rates than placebo drugs.

Treatment - Acute gastritis
In acute gastritis often requires no treatment, it is relatively quick healing without treatment. Step painful acute lasts about 24 hours. Following this short, nor resort to drugs.

When acute gastritis is caused by excessive consumption of alcohol for example, the patient is recommended to decrease food intake for a minimum of 24 hours. Meanwhile, the gastric mucosa has time to recover.

When gastritis is caused by the administration of drugs, such as anti-rheumatic, acute gastritis is treated with so-called proton pump inhibitors or prostaglandin derivative.

Treatment - chronic gastritis: type A and B
To treat anemia caused by lack of vitamin B12, vitamin patient is administered by injection. Given the increased risk of developing gastric cancer gastritis type A is recommended to perform endoscopic examinations yearly, taking samples of gastric mucosa (biopsy). In gastritis type B (H. pylori infection) resort to drugs to destroy the pathogen. This method is called eradication.

The current standard consists of a combination of antibiotics and proton pump inhibitors. Only through this combination treatment it is possible through direct compare the pathogen, Helicobactor pylori. Thus, there are used:

Proton pump inhibitors which ensure the reduction of gastric acid production
These substances are administered for a minimum of seven days, otherwise efficiency is not assured. A new gastroscopy can be done at the earliest after four weeks. Availing itself of the lining of new evidence to determine treatment success. If urease test is negative, eradication is declared effective treatment.

- Chronic gastritis treatment: Type-C
Effective treatment for gastritis type C is to reduce gastric acid production, gastric mucosa to allow healing or stop the extension of the lesions. Currently, in this respect are used proton pump inhibitors.

If the patient consumes drugs known as causing gastritis should be discontinued, if possible during treatment.

As additional treatment in case of an outbreak of bile gastritis, can call on pumping the stomach to shorten the contact time of the gastric mucosa ball. They can be induced by the administration of drugs called Prokinetics. ( for more health tips visit http://health-tips.ca )

Preventive measures
To avoid the appearance of gastritis outset, we offer the following few tips:

Pay attention to your psychosocial health
Do not take analgesics never long term without prescription. Discuss dosage and duration of administration of these with your doctor!
You should avoid excessive consumption of substances that stimulate the production of gastric acid such as alcohol, coffee, tea, nicotine or citrus fruit juices