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Body Clock. What is a biological clock?

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It's amazing how nature has designed the human body, with a capacity to adapt and a fascinating own biorhythm that helps to conserve the energy and enhance functioning organs.

Did you know that our bodies do not always work with the same intensity, but with fluctuations in activity associated with periods of rest? In this way the blood is mobilized selectively in the body by certain organs, depending on their biorhythm and also by human activity at the time.

Body Clock Health Tips

Water and digestion. Should you drink water while eating?

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"The water you drink during the meal is diluting the digestive juice - an absurd myth and false," are saying all the dietitians. Here are the main reasons why they are saying like this and why you should follow their recommendations.

They say you can drink water while eating, because this act does not affect in any way your digestion. It is even recommended, so that you get tired faster and avoid eating in excess. Is it forbidden to drink water during the meal? Myth, disbanded by the nutritionists

What is paleo diet? Paleo recipes, benefits, rules, plan, food list, breakfast

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Paleo diet is the title of the latest Hollywood trend, in terms of weight loss. What lies? Paleo diet, also known as Stone Age diet allows exclusive consumption of foods that were available and our ancestors in the Stone Age. Thus, diet involves high consumption of vegetables, fruits and meat. We present this great diet, along with some delicious recipes that you can try at breakfast, lunch or dinner. We will not go overlooked but critical opinions against this diet.

What is obesity, causes of obesity, facts, help, prevention and treatment

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Obesity is a problem that is increasing in the industrialized world; solving it is not just about eating less and perform more exercise, but eating nourishing food that is not compromised by modern agricultural methods and manufacturing processes.

The dramatic increase in obesity and diseases related to it

Coconut Oil Can Reduce Appetite

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Most people believe that weight loss refers to calories consumed and lost. Although it seems an oversimplification, it is largely true. If your body consumes more energy (calories) than swallows, then you will lose fat. But despite the fact that it is true that we need a calorie deficit to lose weight, this does not mean you have to calculate calories or constantly be aware of them.

How to prepare the healthiest homemade coconut chocolate (raw vegan)

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Brothers chocoholics, what would you think if there was a chocolate that was healthy and also would even help to lose weight? A chocolate that you could give to children without any restrictions? Congratulations, there is one and anyone can prepare it at home, in 10 minutes!


Here are the magic ingredients for this chocolate:


* 14 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil

* 10 tablespoons of carob powder breeds

* 5 tablespoons of coconut flakes (optional)

* 2 tablespoons raw sugar

* a handful of walnuts or almonds chopped

Coconut - a bomb of nutrients and energy

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An extremely healthy and tasty fruit that should be included in the diet of any family is coconut. According to research, coconut has a composition rich in nutrients that contribute to the proper functioning of the body. Next, we will present the nutrient content of coconut and why should this fruit goes on the shopping list.

How did an American lost over 100 kilograms in one year

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Jarve Hall, a former high school football player in Oregon (USA), has gone from 248 kilograms to 121 kilograms in one year after participating in a famous American show.

The American says it began to gain weight in school, because he was "delighted" by the way he looked and aimed to gain weight as much as possible.

"I started to get fat in school. People told me that if you are larger, are more masculine, more powerful. I was excited, I wanted to be big, "Hall told in the famous reality show.

Why is kefir so healthy?

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Kefir is considered to be very healthy because it supports digestion and the immune system. In the Caucasus, the place of origin, kefir is considered "drink of centenarians". Here are the most important aspects about kefir:


What is kefir?

Kefir is a drink sour milk that forms when milk ferment in contact with the fungus kefir. Originally, kefir was made from mare's milk, but now mainly uses cow's milk. The taste of this drink is like the buttermilk, but it is carbonated.

Why are so healthy chia seeds?

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Chia seeds have a significant nutritional value, fiber plant and a multitude of recipes that can be used, providing an ideal supplement to a balanced diet. Due to the beneficial effect, they have on health, chia seeds are considered a super food. The effect of energizing and nourishing these seeds is known for more than a few hundred years. Protein-rich seeds of the chia plant, a member of the lamiacae family, native to Central and South America, were used in the diet since the time of the Mayas.


Why are so healthy chia seeds?