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6 Simple Ways to Lose Waist Fat

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Being overweight is often linked to being unhealthy but there are those people who have more weight but are still considered healthy. In contrast, there are those who are well within their normal weight but risk acquiring diseases that are linked to being overweight such as diabetes. These are the people who have extra fat in their midsection.

Men should have a waist line of 102 cm or 40 inches, whereas women should have a waist line circumference of 88 cm or 35 inches. Exceeding these measurements means that you already have abdominal obesity.

You’ll Drink Carrot Juice Every Day after Reading This

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Carrots are healthy foods as they are good for your skin, eyes, digestive system and teeth. Due to these health benefits, carrots are widely used in juice therapies. Therefore, drinking carrot juice is good for your body and this is why:

6 Amazing Seeds That You Should Eat to Improve your Health

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I know you’ve heard the saying never judge a book by its cover; here we say never judge food by its size. Seeds are small but they add nutritional value to your diet as they have plenty of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The following are some of the healthiest seeds:

Watching your Weight? Hard Alcohol Might Just Be the Answer

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Weight gain is always a sensitive topic for most people. If you are watching what you eat but still drinking beer, then you are working against your weight loss goals. You don’t have to quit alcohol while going through a weight loss program. The trick is to stay away from beer as they have lots of sugar. If you drink lots of beer you will have a beer belly and this isn’t appealing at all.

Health Benefits of Eating Avocado on a Daily Basis

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Avocados might have high fat and calories amounts but they are one of the best fruits. Avocados have lots of nutrients and compounds that are good for your heart. Here are some of the reasons you should eat avocados daily:

Planning to Lose Weight? Stay Away From These 6 Foods

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Getting the right body figure, shape or size is not an easy process as most people go through tough work-out sessions and a strict diet to reach their goal. However, there are those that leave out the work-out part and go straight to controlling their diet as a way of losing weight. This is not always successful as it leads to craving certain foods. Craving causes binge eating and this means that you may not lose any weight at all; there is also a risk of gaining more weight.

How to Repair Kidneys in Only 2 Days

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The body has 70 organs, all playing vital roles for normally functionality. However, kidneys are among the most crucial body organs performing extremely key functions. The kidneys should be taken care of as you can’t survive without them.

Doctors have shown that, the kidneys work extremely hard to sort out impurities from the blood and pass them out as urine. They also sort out unwanted fluids and wastes; other roles comprise:

Simple Ways Of Getting Rid Of Belly Fat Forever

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Getting rid of belly fat is not easy. But it is not so difficult either. A few tips have been given here. These will not only rid you of belly fat, but will keep it away forever.

- The most effective remedy is to have a glass of lemon juice with warm water first thing in the morning. Add a pinch of salt to it. It helps to enhance metabolism of the body and get rid of belly fat.

- White rice must be avoided at all costs. Replace it with brown rice, brown bread, oats or quinoa or some other form of wheat products.

Water and digestion. Should you drink water while eating?

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"The water you drink during the meal is diluting the digestive juice - an absurd myth and false," are saying all the dietitians. Here are the main reasons why they are saying like this and why you should follow their recommendations.

They say you can drink water while eating, because this act does not affect in any way your digestion. It is even recommended, so that you get tired faster and avoid eating in excess. Is it forbidden to drink water during the meal? Myth, disbanded by the nutritionists

What is paleo diet? Paleo recipes, benefits, rules, plan, food list, breakfast

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Paleo diet is the title of the latest Hollywood trend, in terms of weight loss. What lies? Paleo diet, also known as Stone Age diet allows exclusive consumption of foods that were available and our ancestors in the Stone Age. Thus, diet involves high consumption of vegetables, fruits and meat. We present this great diet, along with some delicious recipes that you can try at breakfast, lunch or dinner. We will not go overlooked but critical opinions against this diet.