Ways to Increase Breast Size Naturally Without Putting On Extra Body Weight

by Daniel / Apr 20, 2017 / 0 comments

When a woman gains weight, the size of the breast also increases because the breasts are made up of fatty connective tissue. All women have different body composition some have firm breasts with more fatty tissue while others have denser ones with less fatty tissue. This is the reason women lose or gain breast weight differently.

Gaining overall body weight to enlarge your breasts can be the easier route than surgery, but most women don’t want to add those extra pounds for a bigger cup size. This article will show you a natural way to do this and they are as follows:

Make Some Lifestyle Changes

What you eat and how much you work out play a key role in your breast size. Frequent exercising is crucial especially the workouts that target the breasts can work wonders. Some effective workout routines include chest presses, push ups, wall presses and lifting dumbbells. These workouts will help you build muscles around your breast area to keep them firm and perky. Do these exercises a few times a day and your breasts will enlarge.

Watch What You Wear

Wearing a wrong sized bra makes your boobs look smaller, saggy or less attractive. Always pick the right sized bra and clothes that make them standout like those with low necklines.

Breast Massage

Massage your breasts on a daily basis to improve blood circulation and the absorption of nutrients. This will increase the size of your breasts.

Herbal Treatment

There are some certain herbs than increase breast size naturally; the most effective ones are:

Fennel-this herb has high concentrates of flavanoids that enhance the growth of breasts.

Fenugreek- this herb helps the body to stimulate more prolactin for extra breast size.

Saw Palmetto- this herb controls the amount of testosterone in the body and this stimulates the growth of breasts.