Water in the body

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Drinking enough water is one of the most important things you can do for your body. Not only will improve your metabolism, but also it has beneficial effects on your skin and it gives you energy. If you do not want to drink too much water, here are 19 reasons why you should reconsider your opinion!


Your metabolism!

In any diet, it is very important to have a healthy body and hydrated. Besides the fact that prolongs life and keep your internal organs healthy, water metabolism and help lose weight. Moreover, if you drink ice water, metabolism and work harder because, in this situation, the body uses more energy to keep warm!


Eliminate bloating

When you feel bloated because you remember salty water after a meal or after you have consumed alcohol, all you have to do is to increase the volume of water in the body to remove excess water.


Reduces your appetite

Water fills the stomach creating the feeling that you are "full" and do not need anything else. A glass of water half an hour before meals helps you not to eat more than is needed. Sometimes your body confuses thirst with the starving, so eat drink water instead.

It is always hydrated and you will see that hunger will disappear.


I give you energy

Many people feel tired and limp when in fact they are dehydrated. Do not forget that man is made up of two-thirds water, so we have to constantly drink water throughout the day.

It helps maintain fluid balance in the body


The human body is composed of 60% of water and fluids are an essential element in the proper functioning of the digestive system, circulatory system or in maintaining body temperature. The brain "communicate" much water must eliminate kidneys through urine and how much should be kept in reserve in the body, the posterior pituitary gland.


If the body has a deficiency of fluids, the brain triggers the thirst mechanism. When appropriate to drink something, be it water, juice, milk or coffee. In any case, we are not talking here about alcoholic beverages. Alcohol affects communication between the brain and kidneys and leads to excessive excretion of fluids, causing dehydration.


Help maintain muscle shape

Insufficient fluids cause dehydration cell. When muscle cells do not have a balanced level of liquid muscles can not function at full capacity and physical performance decreases.

It is very important to drink enough fluids when you exercise. American College of Sports Medicine recommends drinking about half a liter of fluids before you exercise sustained for about two hours. It is also recommended to drink enough fluids while you exercise to replace fluids removed by sweating.


Help you maintain a healthy and beautiful skin

The skin contains a large amount of water and is a protective barrier against eliminating excess fluid. Dehydration makes the skin look more wrinkled and dry, which can be improved through proper hydration. You look younger when your skin will be properly hydrated.


Help smooth functioning of kidneys

The kidneys do an excellent job, cleaning the body of toxins, as long as drinking sufficient quantities. If you do not drink enough fluids typically, you risk getting sick from kidney stones, especially if you live in hot areas.


It helps maintain normal functioning of the intestines

Hydration correct stimulates gastrointestinal activity and prevents constipation. If you do not drink enough water, the colon will extract a stool, resulting in constipation.


Weight loss

Drinking water helps you lose weight because it removes toxins from the body. Drinking water reduces hunger, suppress appetite, so you eat less. In addition, the water contains 0 calories. ( for more health tips visit http://health-tips.ca )


Natural Remedy for Headache

Help relieve headaches and the middle due to dehydration. Although there are other reasons for the headaches, dehydration is the most common.


Greater labor productivity

Our brain is made mostly of water, therefore water consumption will help you think better, be more alert and more focused.


Effective exercises

Drinking water regulates body temperature. You will feel more energetic during exercise, and the water will become necessary fuel muscles.


Aids digestion and constipation

Water consumption stimulates metabolism because it helps digestion. Fiber and water go hand in hand to trigger a bowel movement.


Fewer cramps and sprains

A proper hydration will help the joints and muscles, keeping them lubricated, so they appear fewer cramps and sprains.


Less likely to get sick and be more healthy

Band much water fight flu and other diseases, such as kidney stones and heart attack. Plus water and lemon are used for conditions like respiratory diseases, intestinal problems, rheumatism and arthritis, etc. In addition, the immune system will be improved.


Chills the fatigue

Water is used by the body to eliminate toxins from the body. If the body suffers from a lack of water, the heart, for example, will have to work harder to pump oxygenated blood to all cells, as will happen with the rest of the organs, they become exhausted therefore made.



Your body feels good, and your soul is so happy.


Reduce cancer risk

Regarding the digestive system, some studies show that drinking a healthy amount of water can reduce the risk of bladder or colon cancer. Water dilutes the concentration of agents that cause cancer and shorten the period in which they come into contact with the bladder and colon.


The importance of water for the body

Water is the primary chemical in your body, weighing over 60% of your weight.


A good hydration is essential for water:

-Remove residues

-Transporte nutrients


Adjusts body temperature

-Maintain optimum level of alkaline in the body

-Is support chemical processes

-keep the skin moistened

-relieve headaches

-Help to regulate the appetite.


The functioning of the human body depends on water, its deficiency can lead to dehydration and some organs may cease to function normally.

A sharp dehydration can:

-Increase risk of developing urinary tract infections, kidney and developing constipation

-Increase risk of bladder cancer, breast and colon

-Increase the degree of retention of fluids in the body - even if it sounds strange, it is a normal reaction of the body trying to retain as much water

-some diseases can be aggravated or caused by chronic dehydration: heartburn, ulcers, chronic fatigue, diabetes, depression, allergy, asthma, headaches, heart, high blood, high cholesterol, according to what the doctor F. Batmanghelidj in his book.


Water intoxication

When it comes to how much water we drink, I think "moderation" is the essential word, as in any other topic related to diet. Hyperhydration (also known as "water intoxication") is an often fatal syndrome, representing a dilution of sodium ions in the body after consumption of fluid in a short time.

A normal person does not have to worry about accidentally due to a high consumption of liquids. Most exposed to water intoxication are athletes and babies and deaths were reported as a result of competitions drinking water or eating because of large amounts of fluids after exercising longer.


Preventing poisoning water

Water intoxication can be prevented if a person consumes as much water to lose. This means that if one works hard physical activities, you need to drink a little water regularly, but under normal conditions should listen to your body. Let your thirst tell you how much water you need to drink.


How much water we need to drink?

The Mayo Clinic says you should drink water about 30 grams / kilogram. For example, if you have 65 kg should drink about 2 liters.

Still, keep in mind that liquids can come and daily necessities from food. Eating more fruits and vegetables may not be needed an additional fluid.


Why should you drink water when you exercise?

The source of this article is a question that fitness specialists receive at least three times a day: "It's good to drink water from training if I want to lose weight"? YES. Not only is it well - is mandatory!

Ana Sipciu



Possible signs of dehydration

-dry cough

-burning sensation in stomach

-muscular cramps


-a headache, dizziness

-dry skin and hands

-foot cold

-urine colored with a strong and penetrating smell (if your body gets enough fluids, urine should be almost colorless and odorless)


It is extremely important to drink water while doing any sport, from football fitness. Sweating and get dehydrated, you need to immediately replace water lost to your health and effective workout. Why? Because a body dehydrated muscles are deprived of electrolytes. The muscles are controlled by nerves and nerve stimulation and muscle contraction is achieved through exchanges occurring electrolytes in water. Without water, these exchanges do not have a supportive environment, which leads to weakness and to control weaker muscles. ( for more health tips visit http://health-tips.ca )

Even if this were not so, it is absolutely illogical not to drink water to lose weight! Remember one thing: weight is probably the worst gauge of health (of course not discussed here risky cases of obesity). Weight is extremely flexible - counts and bone structure, and cycle time, and how much fluid you drink or not, and how to stand on the scale is important. Muscle is denser and weighs more than fat - so, two women with the same measure clothes can have different weights, and the healthiest (and muscular) to be the hardest! Returning to the idea, you do not drink water, water still loses weight, not fat. So do more harm. And you can say that to anyone who is trying to say otherwise.


Is it possible to drink too much water?



It is not good to drink too much water, especially if you keep fasting or eating very little. The body needs salt and the water dilutes the salts. There have been cases in which perfectly healthy athletes have died from excess water removed salt from the body. As a general rule, everyone should drink 2 liters (8 cups) per day. If dieting, let's say that more can add 1 - 1.5 liters (and depending on activities, food, ambient temperature ...) But too much is 5 liters. Listen to your body! O you realize when you need water - and how much.


Why is it good to drink hot water

Hot water consumption is a habit common in countries like Japan or India. Asians know well the benefits of their habit, and some of them do not consider to drink ice cold water.

Consumption of hot water warms the body, stimulates blood circulation and acts on gastrointestinal function. Meanwhile, hot water carries more oxygen and a greater number of nutrients into cells.


Hot water body maintain hydration

Cold water is absorbed into the blood more difficult, unlike hot water. Therefore, due to the speed at which the body absorbs hot water hydrates the body and maintains it easier hydration for a long time.

Hot water helps you get rid of heat


Residents of mainly Arab countries consume only liquids hot, though the temperature outside salt most often 40˚C. The explanation is pretty simple: hot water, once in the body, heats the body, which helps to perceive the outside temperature to be much lower.


Hot water melts fats

If you eat some fatty foods and drink hot water immediately, it will melt the fat and make digestion easier. For best results, pour in hot water, lemon juice from half to remove any nausea, but also to clean deep fat.

On the other hand, it does nothing but cold water consumed fats solidify and help the formation of fatty deposits in the intestines.


Hot water removes cold

Many doctors believe that hot water consumption effects are similar to those of the sauna. Therefore, hot water, heating the body speeds up the removal of flu and colds, the more that is followed in parallel and medication.


Hot water cleans pores on your tongue

In the morning, when you wake up, the pores on the tongue are heavily loaded due to toxins released during the night. Unfortunately, rinsing the mouth with cool water will not help cleanse, their only solution is hot water. So when brushing your teeth, it is recommended that you rinse with warm water and wash the tongue using the toothbrush.


Tip: Even if you have on hand to drink hot water straight from the sink, the best thing would be to warm or even to boil to make sure that the water is purified perfect.

Tips that can help you to drink more water:


Drink a glass of water 30 minutes before every meal or snack.

Choose drinks that you like the most. So you can increase the amount of liquids that you eat every day.

Eat more fruits and vegetables. Body fluids extracted about 20% of the food it needs.

Do not forget to have your permanent water bottle.

Choose appropriate drinks .: if you keep your diet needs, water or calorie-free drinks are best.