Water and digestion. Should you drink water while eating?

by admin / Oct 12, 2016 / 0 comments

"The water you drink during the meal is diluting the digestive juice - an absurd myth and false," are saying all the dietitians. Here are the main reasons why they are saying like this and why you should follow their recommendations.

They say you can drink water while eating, because this act does not affect in any way your digestion. It is even recommended, so that you get tired faster and avoid eating in excess. Is it forbidden to drink water during the meal? Myth, disbanded by the nutritionists

"We do not know how some ideas and explanations have become deeply and permanently ingrained in people's consciousness without having them either proven or substantiated. Word of mouth helps them to become a universal truth. And if you're wondering who first said it, everyone shrugs and says, "I've heard so." The warning according to which drinking water during the meals is a mistake and prevents proper digestion, because it dilutes the digestive juice, this myth is from the category of absurd. Nothing could be more untrue, the digestive juice is secreted depending on the type of food we have eaten, how many fats, proteins or carbohydrates are present in the gut and waiting to be decomposed and absorbed into the bloodstream. Water is not related to the digestive juice and if you drink water during meals, you fill your stomach and you get tired faster. ( for more health tips visit http://health-tips.ca )

The amount of water from food or stomach does not influence the concentration of digestive juice. Take for example bread, be it fresh, fried or breaded done it will require the same enzymes for digestion. So the body does not make any difference if we eat fresh bread or toasted with a drink of water. It's like saying that the steak with rice is properly digested, but it is a problem to eat a soup with meatballs, the meat and rice which are in plenty of water. Or take the example of a fruit: if you eat prunes and drink a glass of water would mean that the body can not digest them? So he doesn't know how to work unless it's fresh one?

The arguments are silly, absurd as the statement! There are no digestive juices more concentrated or more dilute, they know how to act regardless of the amount of fluid in the gut. Whether I ate a biscuit or a yogurt, the body will automatically secrete the necessary substances for the digestion. Water is the only element that should not be digested, thus the secretion of the digestive juice is not dependent on water. And ironically, more full of water is the stomach, less room remains for the products high in fat, sugar and calories :) So if you want to keep your silhouette, drink water during the meal, you will eat less and you will saturate faster."