Watching your Weight? Hard Alcohol Might Just Be the Answer

by Daniel / Feb 10, 2017 / 0 comments

Weight gain is always a sensitive topic for most people. If you are watching what you eat but still drinking beer, then you are working against your weight loss goals. You don’t have to quit alcohol while going through a weight loss program. The trick is to stay away from beer as they have lots of sugar. If you drink lots of beer you will have a beer belly and this isn’t appealing at all.

Hard alcohol or hard liquor doesn’t have carbs. It has sugar but this is natural sugar from grains, berries, fruits and sugar cane. This sugar is also undergoes conversion during the distillation process.

The Best Hard Alcoholic Drinks without Sugar and Carbs

Vodka; straight vodka does not have carbs or sugars that will make you fat. Vodka is made from grains such as wheat or rye. Stay away from flavored vodka.

Whiskey; this drink does not have sugars or carbs and is made from fermented grains such as wheat, rye or corn.

Rum; this type of liquor is made from natural sources of sugar such as molasses and sugarcane. There are various sources of rum including dark rum, amber rum, and white rum. You should keep off flavored rum if you are weight watching.

Gin; take straight gin if you are weight watching. Avoid sloe gin or mixers such as gin and tonic as they have added sugars.

Wine; for those who don’t like hard liquor wine is your option but only red wine, dry champagne and dry white wine as they don’t have sugars.

Some Caution

As you already know, you should drink alcohol in moderation like one drink for women and two for men, exceeding alcohol is a health risk. Also, alcohol has a lot of calories and overdrinking will cause your waistline to expand.