Use Half a Lemon to Lose Weight

by Daniel / Jun 13, 2017 / 0 comments

Proper digestion must take place when you want to lose weight, this means that food calories and any other useful substance must be properly distributed throughout the body.

This is where lemons come in, they cut the negative effects of sweet foods while boosting the body’s digestive system. The following is how to use lemons to lose weight:

Step 1

Cut the lemon in half

Extract the juice in a 2.5 deciliters glass.

Add warm water in the glass.

Step 2

Shake well and drink it once.

Step 3

Preserve the other lemon half in a fridge and make sure to wrap it with cellophane.

Make sure to make this lemon drink on a regular as a way to boost your metabolism. Drinking lemonade is an easy and efficient way to fight extra body weight.