Healthy lifestyle protects women against heart disease

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In recent years the impact of heart disease on women attracted even more attention. Although everyone thinks that heart disease affects men equally and in fact it causes more deaths among women. In West 1 of 3 women dies of heart disease each year, making heart disease kills more among women than all cancers combined.

Best Food to Eat in the Morning to Lose Weight

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Consumed raw fruits at the end of a meal slow digestion. Only when cooked by boiling or baking desserts can be easier. Relies on the freshness of fruit to eat fruit at breakfast or dinner replacing heavy foods, full of fat, causing you insomnia.

Fruit consumption has beneficial effects on the body, especially the digestive system. Introduced in the daily diet, the body is revitalized and will soon become better. After 10 days of fruit consumed, the first results start to appear: your body feel lighter, have an easy digestion without heartburn, you have more energy.

10 Disturbing Reasons Why Sugar is Bad For You

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Considered even more dangerous than alcohol and cigarettes, the sugar used worldwide is the nutritionist's new target in the fight against the heart disease and cancer.

Be active

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We are trying to combat a sedentary lifestyle but often our plans remain purely theoretical. Here are some ways you can become more active.

A modern lifestyle that we have today comes with many hours spent on the desk chair in front of the monitor, and bulk often with another couple of hours relaxing on the couch comfortable home, with hand on remote or tablet, respectively.

In this picture, physical inactivity is installed quickly and becomes a routine that seems to no longer way out. How would you get out of this vicious cycle of inactivity?

Water in the body

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Drinking enough water is one of the most important things you can do for your body. Not only will improve your metabolism, but also it has beneficial effects on your skin and it gives you energy. If you do not want to drink too much water, here are 19 reasons why you should reconsider your opinion!


Your metabolism!

How to Give Yourself a Hand Massage

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When you're feeling worn out, try giving yourself a boost with some hand reflexology. Here's a ten-minute reflexology treatment to help you feel more relaxed, healthier and happier.

Drink water

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Water truly is essential