Tips for a Healthy and Balanced Lifestyle

by Daniel / Mar 17, 2017 / 0 comments

We are all trying to achieve a healthy lifestyle. You may be trying to lose a little weight or trying to maintain your current weight. Whatever you do, do not go to the extremes.

May people go for fad diets but may work in the short term but disappoint in the long run. This type of program does not work because it does not make you think about healthy eating ways as part of your normal life. You will only achieve the desired results when you incorporate a healthy way of thinking into every part of your life. You can achieve this by using these tips:

Watch your portion sizes

Place smaller amounts on your plate or “trick” yourself with a smaller plate. Wait 15 minutes before going back for more.

Eat smaller meals more often

Instead of eating three square meals a day, add some snacks to your every day routine. Snack on items with proteins and fiber-rich carbohydrates every two to three hours. This will help you stay energized and satisfied throughout the day. Throw in some whole grain crackers, fruits or yoghurt topped with bran cereals.

Take lots of water

Water will keep you hydrated and also help you flush out toxins from the body. Take two liters every day.

Record Everything

Write down the food items that you eat and the amount taken. A food diary will keep you focused at all times.

Plan a few treats

Healthy eating does not mean that you deprive yourself as this can lead to cravings. Plan a few treats during the week to maintain the balance.