These DIY Facials Will Have You Looking Younger in Minutes

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There are organic foods that you can use instead of chemicals to make you look younger almost instantly. These foods are cheap meaning that you spend less than buying those expensive commercial chemicals. The following are some of the recipes that you can use to look younger.

Whiten Dark Bikini Areas Using Home Remedies

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Many women are embarrassed to wear a bikini because they have dark bikini lines. These dark lines might not be a major turnoff but they affect your confidence.

There are many causes of dark lines such as shaving, chafing, sweating and rashes. 

3 Amazing Health Benefits of Apricots

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Do not let the tiny size of apricots fool you; these are tiny super fruits that are packed with lots of essential vitamins, low fat and fiber. A single apricot has about sixty calories; surely this tiny fruit deserves more attention.

Teas that Reduce Cholesterol Levels

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There are many ways to control the levels of bad cholesterol in your body. Many people opt for veggies, oatmeal or foods that are rich in fiber to keep bad cholesterol under control. These are effective ways of lowering cholesterol but there are certain teas that keep cholesterol under control.

Is Turmeric Juice Beneficial to Your Body?

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Turmeric is a widely used spice in superfoods due to its loads of health benefits. It is a memory booster, fights cancer and has antibiotic properties. Research has also unearthed one more health benefit of turmeric; it improves your cardiovascular health as much as regular physical exercises.

Using Onions for Better Hair Development and Growth

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Using this famous kitchen ingredient for hair growth might not be appealing to many but this process has been used for decades to successfully control hair loss. When onion extract is applied to the scalp, it results to increased hair growth.

Suffering from Menstrual Cramps? These 5 Remedies Can Help

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When that time of the month arrives, many women and young ladies experience cramps. This is the time to stock up on comfort foods to take the edge off the pain or fill your medicine cabinet with a bunch of ointments and pain killers to tone down the pain. If you are one of the “unlucky” women who experience menstrual cramps during the periods, give these home remedies a try to ease the pain associated with cramps before they become too much.

Skin cancer, symptoms, types, treatment, causes

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Skin cancer and the powerof sun power: the hole in the ozone layer is becoming greater, as well as the harmful effects it has on people. In this context, in recent years the media has started to attract the attention of more and more often on the alarming growth in the number of cases of skin cancer. There are various forms of skin cancer - which causes the sun and sunlight are clear.

Coconut oil for candida

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Candidiasis affects almost 75% of women. In general, it is not a serious condition and can be treated very easily. It occurs either due to stress, poor intimate hygiene or following deficient diets and leads to painful urination, itching and abnormal gray vaginal discharge. To get rid of thrush, you can choose this herbal remedy that works every time! The main ingredient of this remedy is coconut oil!

Coconut oil as antibiotic

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Discovered by a biochemist with a Ph.D. in nutrition, Mary G. Enig, coconut oil contains an ingredient truly miraculous - monolaurin - who struggle with various illnesses and infections, viruses and bacteria.

The miraculous effect of this oil has been registered in a highly publicized case in the US When a baby is born with HIV was fed with formula milk enriched with coconut oil, and after this treatment, the child escaped the virus.