4 Ways to Make Water Taste Better

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Most people do not have a taste for water, but we all need to make sure that our bodies are functioning properly. If you want to take more water but you are not crazy about the taste, or lack thereof, here are some tips that will make water more enjoyable.

Hibiscus Drink Sample Recipe

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This flowering plant has many surprising health benefits as discussed here. It can be turned into a beverage such as Hibiscus Tea (Agua de Jamaica). To make this drink you will need the following ingredients:

How to Treat a Burnt Tongue while at Home

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Did you make the mistake of sipping some hot tea or coffee or did you take a bite of freshly baked pizza? If so, then your tongue must be burnt. A burnt tongue is nothing serious but it will leave your tongue swollen, rough, achy and unable to sense tastes.  Use the following remedies immediately after burning your tongue:

Use this Natural Mouthwash to Fight Plague and Gingivitis

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Many mouthwashes have added chemicals but did you know that you can use Aloe Vera as a natural mouthwash. The mouthwashes that are available have artificial sweeteners, synthetic colors and alcohol and can be really unhealthy. The worst ingredient in some conventional mouthwashes is chlorhexidine, an antibacterial agent that eliminates bacteria in the mouth; this includes good and bad bacteria.

Chlorhexidine fights plaque but this comes with side effects including blistering, oral rashes, staining of teeth, redness, swelling and general irritation.

The Following Reasons Will Make You Eat More Chia Seeds

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Chia seeds are considered to be one of the healthiest foods as they are filled with vital nutrients that are important to the body. The following are the five health benefits of Chia seeds:

You’ll Drink Carrot Juice Every Day after Reading This

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Carrots are healthy foods as they are good for your skin, eyes, digestive system and teeth. Due to these health benefits, carrots are widely used in juice therapies. Therefore, drinking carrot juice is good for your body and this is why:

6 Amazing Seeds That You Should Eat to Improve your Health

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I know you’ve heard the saying never judge a book by its cover; here we say never judge food by its size. Seeds are small but they add nutritional value to your diet as they have plenty of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The following are some of the healthiest seeds:

Eat 3 Dates Every Day and This Will Happen to Your Body

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If you are looking for the sweetest fruits in the world, dates have to be among the top ten. These fruits come in different varieties most of them resembling raisins or plums. Dates can be eaten fresh but most people prefer to have them dried. Regardless of the state, dates have plenty and powerful health benefits. They have many essential nutrients that are beneficial to the body.

You can Eat Garlic Instead of Using Antibiotics

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Garlic is still one of nature’s best medicines and is highly useful in treating a number of ailments such as stomach upsets and more serious conditions like impotence. New studies have revealed more benefits of eating garlic including better heart condition and even cancer prevention.

Foot Reflexology, What is It?

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Most people regard reflexology as an alternative type of treatment and is used together with the regular medical care practices. Today, many medical centers are offering foot reflexology to those who can gain from it. Some of the beneficiaries include people who suffer from stress and athletes. This practice is also beneficial to those suffering from acute health problems such as arthritis, cancer, hypertension and diabetes.