This Leaf Will Blow You Away, It Ends Varicose Veins, Joint Pains and Memory Loss

by Daniel / Apr 20, 2017 / 0 comments

Many of you who like cooking have a special place in the kitchen set for Laurel. But did you know that this leaf is more than just a spice? Laurel has incredible health benefits and is commonly used to make medicinal oils that are vital to our health. The health benefits are as follows:

Health Benefits of Laurel Leaves

Improving mental activity

Calming the nervous system

Colon cleansing

Immune system strengthening

Treating varicose veins

Curing joint pains

Stimulates sweating

The Recipe

30g of bay laurel leaves

250ml of olive oil

How to Prepare

Mash the leaves in a bowl until they become soft and top them off with some olive oil.

Place the mashed leaves in a clean glass bottle and close it tightly.

Store in a cool dark place for 2 weeks, keep checking the content and shake from time to time.

After the two weeks are through, strain the oil and place in a different container and store in a cold environment.

The extracted laurel oil has amazing benefits that include:

Improving appetite

Treats ear pain and headaches

Heals painful joints

Ends stomach pain

Normalizes the hepatic and renal functions

Treats pimples and acne

Controls body temparature

Eliminates varicose veins