These 4 reasons Will Make You Stop Drinking Cold Water

by Daniel / Apr 27, 2017 / 0 comments

Drinking cold water especially during hot days can be really refreshing but have you ever thought that this can be bad for your health?

Most people know how warm water helps your body to open up the pores on the skin to make it feel looser. What you may not know is that cold water does the complete opposite by closing the pores and thus making your skin constrict. Your digestive tract also constricts after drinking cold water.

The following are more reasons you should stop icing your water:

It Affects Digestion

Drinking cold water impedes the digestion process because it shrinks the blood vessels. When this happens, the food is digested slowly and the nutrients are not absorbed correctly.

Weakens Your Body’s Defense System

When you drink cold water after eating, surplus amounts of mucus are released in your body. This weakens the immune system making you susceptible to colds and other illnesses.

It Worsens Existing Health Conditions

Drinking cold water can result to a headache or even worsen the asthma symptoms in children.

Causes Sore Throat

When you drink cold water, your chances of developing a sore throat rises. This is because cold water causes the respiratory mucosa, the protective layer of the respiratory tract, to collect. This mucus buildup weakens the layer leading to infections i.e. sore throat.