The Following Will Happen to your Body if You Perform Push-Ups Every Day for a Month

by Daniel / Mar 17, 2017 / 0 comments

It is easy to incorporate push-ups in to your every day workout program as they can be done practically anywhere without the need for special equipment. Performing this important exercise every day for a month will give you the following benefits:

You Will Have a Toned Upper Body

Push-up exercises are good for your chest, arms and upper back muscles. They are just as effective as using machines at the gym that work the upper body. A month of this exercise will improve your upper body physique.

You Will Have a Flat Tummy

Push-ups engage other parts of the body even if it seems like your arms are doing all the hard work. These exercises can give you washboard abs as they tone the midsection.

You’ll Lose Unwanted Pounds

Doing push-ups at high speed is a sure way to burn more calories and lose the excess fat stored under your skin.

You’ll Be More Enduring

Push-ups will give you more stamina to allow you accomplish more tasks.

You Will Have Stronger Bones

Push-ups are excellent weight bearing exercises and you can feel it every time you perform them.