The ELIXIR that will clean your blood, how to prepare at home

by admin / Sep 21, 2016 / 0 comments

Blood is the medium of connection between the cells of our body, this fluid of cells carry the oxygen and nutrients that they need to live and feed themselves.
Each cell has its own metabolism, well controlled overall specialized organ in the body. Following specific processes, by consuming nutrients and oxygen, the cell is producing toxins and byproducts of metabolism, "wastes" are again 'paid' blood and this fluid lead them to the bodies specialized in treatment, such as skin, kidneys, lungs - through which remove them.

Toxic food, air pollution, the use of care or styling products containing toxic - all this adds extra toxins in our body.
Eliminating this excess toxic cures can be facilitated by purifying the blood, which stimulates blood cell recovery from bone marrow, which enhances renal glomerular filtration and treatment, but also increases the immune response.

We propose a simple drink that is prepared at home and consumed immediately, which uses 100% organic ingredients, with an intense antioxidant potential. ( for more health tips visit )

Elixir that cleans the blood
- Medium beets;
- an onion;
- a fresh bunch watercress; if we are in winter, we use a cup of rosehip collected late fall;
- a bunch of parsley;
- a teaspoon dried thyme, chopped at the mill;
- a teaspoon turmeric;
- a cup of water;
- juice of half a lemon;
- half a teaspoon of canabis seed.
Mix in a blender and drink immediately. This juice is recommended every morning on an empty stomach for two months.