The Biorhythm of main internal organs

by admin / Dec 03, 2016 / 0 comments

Liver Regeneration (01 AM - 03 AM) Between these hours of the night it is advisable to sleep. During this time the liver activates, when the brain oxygenation is minimal, because it is in recreation and often in dreamless sleep.

People suffering from liver and bladder disorders have during this time of night, a restless or interrupted sleep, the liver may not exercise easily the functions of "regeneration and rest." Also during this period who do not sleep or "spend" calories by eating food and drink alcohol heavily disrupt their liver functions.

Did you know that the liver has over 500 functions in the body? Unfortunately liver damage hurts only in advanced stages when the organ puts pressure in the capsule that covers it. This capsule is innervated and hurt.

Otherwise, it is possible for many patients to be surprised by their pathology. The following analyses are indicated: upper abdominal ultrasound (highlight the fatty liver and cirrhosis, cysts, gallstones, etc.) Blood analysis for transaminases, analysis for direct and indirect bilirubin.