The Best Way to Detox Your Body

by Daniel / May 15, 2017 / 0 comments

Most people don’t know that they can remove toxins from their body through their feet. This is an old Chinese medicine technique that shows that the feet have natural energy zones that are connected to vital organs in the body. This means that you can eliminate toxins through your feet. The good thing is, this is a simple and effective way to detox.

Foot Detox Pads

You can find detox pads in almost any health store. All you have to do is slot your feet in when heading to bed. Remove the pads first thing when in the morning and if you spot some darkness it means that toxins have been removed.

Ionic Foot Bath

This is another way to remove toxins from your body. This technique is based on electrolysis meaning that an electric current is involved to make a chemical reaction. For this technique, you need warm water to clear your pores and some salt that acts as an anti-inflammatory astringent. The ions get into the body through the feet and if the water starts to darken, it means that toxins are being eliminated from your body. There are a few recipes for an ionic foot path and they are:

Recipe 1

A single cup of Epsom salt

One cup of sea salt

Two cups of baking soda

Essential Oils


Pour the ingredients into boiling water and allow them to dissolve. Add some warm water into a bathing tub and add apple cider vinegar, also add the essential oils and salt into the mixture. Soak your feet in the mixture for about 30 minutes. You will experience exhaustion and weakness right after you soak your feet.

Recipe 2

You will need the following

Half a cup of Epsom salt

Half a cup of bentonite clay

Essential oils


Dissolve the Epsom salt in hot water and then add essential oils. Using small amounts of water mix the clay (do not use a metal object to mix). Add the clay into the prepared water and soak for twenty minutes.