The Best Way to a Get Thin Waist and Flat Abs

by Daniel / Apr 21, 2017 / 0 comments

Everybody wants to have a thin waist and flat stomach but this is a tough task that involves extra dedication and lots of effort. To get a thin waist and a flat stomach, you have to visit the gym and splurge countless hours there to see notable results.

However, there is an easier way to do this, in this article we have a small waist flat stomach workout that will give you the figure that you’re dreaming about. The technique that we’re talking about here is the stomach vacuum. This is an easy exercise that you can do every day during your free time to have a lean body figure.

If you’re wondering what the vacuum exercise move is, it’s an abdominal move that works the transversus abdominis (TA), a deep-lying abdominal muscle that lies under the rectus abdominis. It is the muscle that keeps your waistline tight. This muscle can be targeted with the planking exercise but if you’re not into this type of workout then try the stomach vacuum exercise as it’s the best alternative.

Does having strong TA muscles have any health benefits? If you have strong TA muscles, you will have a better posture, you will have more strength and the back pains will go away. If you work this muscle, you will get a tiny waist and flat stomach.