Take a Cold Shower and Enjoy the Following Benefits

by Daniel / Apr 27, 2017 / 0 comments

Many people don’t like the idea of taking a cold shower but the following health benefits will tempt you to try it:

Cold Shower Keeps You Alert and Awake

The first few minutes of a cold shower can be unbearable but it really beneficial to your body. The sudden change in temperature raises your mental awareness and even gets rid of grogginess must faster than coffee. As you may have already identified, a cold shower leads to a shock that makes you breath deeper, this is good for your body as it increases your oxygen intake, making you more alert and improves the flow of blood.

Eliminates Depression

Taking a cold shower leads to a sudden mood change and this is good to those suffering from depression. The skin’s cold receptors are much more sensitive than warm receptors meaning that a cold shower can have therapeutic effects to the body. Another study found that brain inflammation can be relieved by taking a cold shower.

Speeds Up Muscle Recovery

Cold showers are effective in relieving muscle soreness. Also, constant exposure to cold water helps the body to burn body fat and builds muscles more effectively.