Suffering from a Headache, Place a Banana Peel on Your Forehead for Instant Relief

by Daniel / Apr 20, 2017 / 0 comments

Most of us have experienced a headache before; they are painful and can ruin your day. However, there are medications to treat headache but many of them have adverse effects for your body. Two of the most common drugs for treating headaches and general pain in North America are Tylenol and Ibuprofen.

These two drugs will treat a headache but they have side effects such as stomach aches, dizziness, leg swelling and a can even cause a spike in blood pressure. Luckily, there is a natural way to treat headaches.

What is this natural way that we’re praising? Just take a banana peel and rub it on your forehead, this will relieve your headache instantly. Another benefit of rubbing the peel of a banana on your forehead is that it’s an effective way of getting rid of wrinkles.

Why does this process work? A banana skin has high concentrates of potassium, an anti-inflammatory that cures headaches. If you experience headaches on a regular, try this method and you will never experience any side effects; unless you consider eradicating wrinkles a side effect.