Skin cancer, symptoms, types, treatment, causes

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Skin cancer and the powerof sun power: the hole in the ozone layer is becoming greater, as well as the harmful effects it has on people. In this context, in recent years the media has started to attract the attention of more and more often on the alarming growth in the number of cases of skin cancer. There are various forms of skin cancer - which causes the sun and sunlight are clear.

Skin cancer: different forms
By far the most common form of skin cancer is cancer of the skin black, malignant melanoma. But the term of skin cancer is a collective name for various skin malignancies. Forms of skin cancer vary depending on the catalysts, frequency, process, prognosis and treatment. Thus, besides the black skin cancer, there is so-called white skin cancer.

Skin cancer: melanoma forms as well, basalioma and spinalioma
Forms are more common than melanoma, basal cell epithelioma (basalioma) and squamous (spinalioma). These two forms are known as the white of skin cancer.

The frequency of skin cancer has increased in recent years in all forms. According to the World Health Organization, annually registers about two-three million new cases of skin cancer and 130 white 000 new cancer cases diseases black skin (malignant melanoma) worldwide.

Melanoma represents about 4% of all malignant tumors. frequency is higher among women than men. Basalioma has a rate five times higher than spinaliomaul. However, the mortality rate is significantly higher in black skin cancer.

Rare forms of skin cancer
In addition, registers and several rare forms of skin cancer that can form different structures of the skin. These include malignant tumors of connective tissue (fibrosarcoma), malignant tumors of the sebaceous glands and cells of blood vessels, muscles (myosarcoma) cell tactile (Merkel cell carcinoma) and Kaposi's sarcoma, commonly in AIDS cases. In the opinion of many experts, cutaneous lymphatic tumors are not classified as skin cancer, although it is manifested by typical skin changes are due but blood and bone marrow cells.

Skin cancer: causes
Basalioma develops in the basal layer epithelioma (basal layer) of the skin. This is the deepest layer of the skin cell regeneration and serves. Is the level at which cell division occurs. Here are tactile sensitivity tactile cells and melanocytes forming pigments, which protects us against ultraviolet rays that are responsible for skin color. From here starts malignant melanoma. The bazoecelular top layer is squamous cell layer, where cells begin already keratinization. Here originated spinalioma.

Skin cancer: causes are the sun and artificial tanning
In all forms we have to make a link between cancer and exposure to natural ultraviolet rays or solarium. Any extended exposure to the sun destroys the genetic material of skin cells. Although regeneration is a continuous process, it may not always do before destruction. Sometimes changes (mutations) become permanent, multiply and lead to cancer.

Cases of skin cancer in white, repeated exposure to sunlight are crucial - therefore affected areas such as nose, forehead or ears of those who spend a good deal of time outdoors.

Causes: black skin cancer
If black skin cancer, the role of UV is not however clarified in detail. There is speculation in this regard, according to which intense radiation, and particularly short-term exposures to sunlight in childhood can lead to moles that later turn into melanomas. Add to these and other risk factors: fair skin, genetic predisposition, moles / liver spots.

Skin cancer: Symptoms and Treatment
Skin cancer usually causes no discomfort, but any itching or bleeding skin may be symptoms or indications for the existence of skin cancer. This means that usually, skin cancer is observed as a result of changes of skin visible and possibly palpable, and no other symptoms. Only in advanced stages of skin cancer or melanoma metastasis after symptoms appear and other organs. It is, therefore, important to identify skin cancer on time, even when they do not manifest symptoms of scale.

Skin cancer: treatment and therapy
White skin cancer most commonly develops preparatory steps - so-called actinic keratoses. They can be surgically removed (excision) can be cryotherapy, treated with creams and gels or laser (photodynamic therapy). Most often, it does not form lumps Related basalioma, and rarely spinaliom. But untreated tumors may extend into neighboring organs and can affect them. Therefore, in the case of white skin cancer, early enough operations to remove damaged skin segment, being diagnosed patients thus treated. Early stages of surface and can sometimes be treated with creams or photodynamic therapy only. ( for more health tips visit )

Treatment: Black skin cancer
Black skin cancer (melanoma) is more dangerous because it can rapidly spread throughout the body via lymph or blood vessels. In the development treatment, the tumor is removed, but due to metastases, most often include other forms of treatment: immunotherapy, chemotherapy, radiation therapy.

Preventing skin cancer
One rule applies to all forms of cancer: the more cancer is discovered early, the chances of cure are greatest. It is best to check your skin further and take note of any symptoms observed.

Including prior forms of skin cancer can be detected and palpated. Pay attention to any changes in the skin, liver spots new moles or changes already present. Including itching and bleeding may indicate skin cancer. Examine your skin regularly, preferably in daylight, using a mirror or a partner.

Skin cancer: prevention method ABCDE
In assessing liver spots, follow the ABCDE method

A (Asymmetrical) forms that are not regular in length or round

B (Border): The margins are not clearly delineated, but unequal

C (Color): uneven color, but stained (pink, gray, dotted crusts)

D (Diameter): Dimensions exceeding 5 mm in the widest space

E (Evolving): Changing in size, shape and color

If one of these points fit, it would be better to consult a doctor to rule out the possibility of the presence of skin cancer or a malignancy. Once again better than later. And the main measure of cancer prevention: Avoid direct and the intense sun will always protect against burns from sun protection creams, hats and clothing! Just so you give them few chances of skin cancer.

Each of us faces at a time with various ailments. We are glad that we can tell you how it can be prevented feels like skin cancer.