Reasons You Should Drink More Coconut Water

by Daniel / May 20, 2017 / 0 comments

Coconut water is tasty and refreshing and has a nutty taste. The carbohydrates in coconut water are easily digested in the form of sugar and electrolytes. The water has high levels of potassium than bananas, it is also low in calories, fat and cholesterol. Drinking the water from young, green coconuts provides you with incredible health benefits.

Low Blood Pressure

The high potassium level in coconut water helps to reduce blood pressure.

Helps in Digestion

Are you experiencing digestion problems? Take some coconut water and the high fiber content will deal with acid reflux that causes indigestion.

Facilitates Kidney Functions

The potassium in coconut water also plays the important role of helping the kidneys flush water out of the body. One cup of coconut water is good for your kidneys due to its diuretic effect. Coconut water has arginine that improves the circulation of blood to the organs including the kidneys.

Improves Hydration

Coconut water is good for your body than sports drinks. This water has potassium, natural sugars and low sodium levels. Coconut water is highly refreshing as it’s a mineral rich fluid.

Good for Weight Loss

This is a low-calorie drink and can be used instead of high-sugar drinks by people who want to lose weight. It also has fiber that will keep you feeling full. Its diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties play a key role in preventing water retention and bloating.