Preparing for pregnancy checklist. Pre pregnancy checklist

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With the period of pregnancy begins a new chapter in our life, full of unexpected things. Besides the joy of being pregnant, the woman has to deal with a multitude of thoughts and doubts about the choices we daily take and to what extent they are beneficial for the baby waiting to be born.

There are countless brochures with respect to nutrition, health and wellbeing during pregnancy.

The lists below are purely indicative.
By task arises a new life. For about 40 weeks, the fetus will develop in the womb - the emotional swings accompanied by the pregnant woman. It goes without saying that every woman wants an easy task, devoid of complications, but most often there are doubts about its behavior and fairness.

There are many opinions in this regard, many of which are long outdated. However, we have allowed putting together some recommendations that will benefit people and pregnant babies.

Balanced diet
When it comes to eating, the general opinion is that the pregnant person should eat for two. Indeed energy demand is higher during pregnancy, but this increase corresponds to only 250 - 500kcal / day. So, overeating will track visible even during pregnancy. A balanced diet consisting of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and vitamins will support the positive development of the baby.

Check list: Nutrition During Pregnancy
Balanced diet that includes fresh vegetables and fruits
Calcium and vitamin D supports bone formation of small
Vitamin important in the first weeks of pregnancy: Folic acid
Vitamin C for immune system boosters
Raw meat, raw fish and unpasteurized milk foods should be avoided because of the increased risk of toxoplasmosis
Avoiding cheese with mold because of the danger of listeriosis
Eat preferably decaf, nutrition experts declare that up to 300mg caffeine / day does not have side effects during pregnancy
Giving up habits
Usually, pregnant women should not change their life at 180 ° with pregnancy. But there are certain behaviors that have to give the earliest for a healthy development of the fetus. These include alcohol and cigarettes, both representing a high risk for the small, namely risk of impaired development of the brain and organ damage. Nicotine, alcohol and drugs can also cause birth defects and miscarriages.

Check list: habits during pregnancy
Full Giving drugs
Full quitting drinking alcohol and nicotine
Drugs should be given only after consulting your doctor
Giving up diets and post pregnancy
Avoiding heavy physical activities
Avoiding heavy lifting large
Intense oral hygiene (beginning in the 4th month, significantly increases the likelihood of developing cavities)
Maintaining wellness through sports and movement
Ensure regular movement and maintaining wellness during pregnancy. In addition, the motion states help overcome stress, very important for pregnant ladies. ( for more health tips visit )

People who do not experience discomfort during pregnancy can choose the type of motion depending on your preference. Please bear in mind that sports are not recommended with increased risk of falls, riding or roller skis. Sport during pregnancy should not cause physical strain.

Check list: sports and exercise during pregnancy:
The exercises are ideal for relaxation
Special offers for pregnant people, such as yoga, aqua aerobics, dance
Attention to sports that involve increased risks of falls
Beware of ball sports (such as handball, basketball or beach volleyball)
Avoid sports that involve straining abdominal muscles
This check list for addresses during pregnancy tasks smoothly. If the discomfort experienced during pregnancy and questions related to different features of behavior, ask your gynecologist.