Planning to Lose Weight? Stay Away From These 6 Foods

by Daniel / Jan 31, 2017 / 0 comments

Getting the right body figure, shape or size is not an easy process as most people go through tough work-out sessions and a strict diet to reach their goal. However, there are those that leave out the work-out part and go straight to controlling their diet as a way of losing weight. This is not always successful as it leads to craving certain foods. Craving causes binge eating and this means that you may not lose any weight at all; there is also a risk of gaining more weight. Skipping meals is not advisable but there are foods that you should leave out if you want to successfully lose weight. Here are some of the foods that you should permanently stay away from if you want to lose weight.

White Rice

This type of rice is bad for your diet and your health as well. White rice is metabolized at a faster rate causing blood sugar level spikes. This causes your energy levels to crash and this is always accompanied by unhealthy food cravings in an effort to regain lost energy. Also, white rice has fewer nutrients than brown rice. Substitute white rice with brown rice for better results.


Anyone planning on losing weight should avoid taking alcoholic beverages by all means. When you are drinking alcohol your body does not burn any fat until the alcohol is gotten rid of. Even the average wine taker gains an upward of 2,000 calories every month.

Frozen Meals

These meals are usually made to last longer by using sodium, a natural preservative that helps frozen foods retain water. After consuming frozen foods, you feel bloated and this keeps you from feeling good despite your efforts to tone down. These meals also have high amounts of calories.


Like any other fruit, grapes are healthy but due to their high sugar content you may suffer from sugar cravings that are hard to control. Therefore, you should always eat grapes alongside a protein to maintain blood sugar levels.

Multi Grain Bread

Most people don’t realize that multi-grain breads are highly processed and they lack fibers and nutrients. Always go for whole grain bread as it has all the fibers and nutrients making it more nutritious.

Whole Milk

This type of milk has extra cholesterol and fat and is not good for those wishing to lose those extra pounds. Choose the skimmed variety to enjoy the nutrients and taste without worrying about extra calories.