Natural antibiotics, magical cures for body and soul

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Until the discovery of penicillin, the first antobiotic made man, nature gave us all necessary remedies to treat various diseases or of various diseases. Today, synthetic antibiotics have become a common thing in everyone's life and people are turning to them becoming more and sometimes indiscriminate. I just looked so mother nature gives us further antibiotics that have an even stronger effect than the synthetic drugs. We are glad that quickly get rid of an infection with these drugs, but look completely side effects, disastrous time, they cause them.

Synthetic versus natural
Most of those undergoing treatment with synthetic drugs do not bother even a few moments to read prospectuses. Many do not understand the medical terms, others because they are too confident in who they have prescribed or simply convenience. Besides the leaflets written in the side effects of synthetic antibiotics apparently causing more damage to the body than cure. Thus, studies have shown that in ORL infections in children, who are usually viral and not bacterial, antibiotics are prescribed not have any effect. This is perhaps one reason why in 1954 it produced 2 million kilograms of antibiotics and in 2000 it reached 54 million kilograms. It is known also as colds and flu is not treated with antibiotics, and up to 80 percent of antibiotics prescribed for respiratory infections are not necessary. Production and consumption of synthetic antibiotics, but rising fast.

It should know, first as synthetic antibiotics kill all bacteria in the body, including the good and useful body, thereby reducing the body's ability to fend off other infections future. Besides, they also have many side effects, the most common being stomachaches, diarrhea, vomiting, skin rashes and eczema, especially in children treated with antibiotics at a very young age. In addition, synthetic antibiotic treatments weaken the immune system, causing imbalances and chaos in his organization. And residues that remain in the body are removed from them hard in a long time.

Instead, natural antibiotics are more easily assimilated by the body, causes no damage, but helps the immune system in its fight against germs that affects the body. Research has shown that these natural antibiotics are also more effective than synthetic ones and do not produce residues that cause side effects.

Garlic and onions, natural antibiotics handy
One of the best known natural antibiotics is garlic. We already know that people who eat garlic you frequent diseases at bay. Highly regarded for its quality gourmet garlic has a strong antibiotic effect but also. And because it contains a lot of antioxidants that destroy bacteria and free radicals in the blood, protecting the immune system effectively. He has the ability to treat from a simple ear infection and pneumonia to serious. Moreover, due to allicin, the active ingredient of garlic, it attacks and destroys viruses or microbes that cause deep infections and is recommended even for treating asthma in children.

Another natural antibiotic, and he highly appreciated in the kitchen, the onions. Since ancient times, onion syrup form was used to treat colds and cough, especially dry. The Romans knew its curative qualities and used successfully in treating patients. Thanks to its active substatelor, among which and sulfur, the smell and taste that gives specific antibacterial onion is very efficient. Moreover, it is a good analgesic, anti-inflammatory and help circulation. But onions with the highest content of phenolics and antioxidants and antibiotic is most effective as a small onion (shallot or shallots). It is often used in the treatment of bee stings. ( for more health tips visit )

Eucalyptus and citrus, powerful natural disinfectant
In hospitals in the nineteenth century, eucalyptus extract was used as a disinfectant highly effective in fighting germs. In Australia, however, Aborigines used for hundreds of years eucalyptus to treat infections and wounds, and to reduce fever. It was found, however, that it acts as an expectorant, it is a good remedy for cough. Powerful natural antiseptic and antiinflammatory, eucalyptus so very effectively fight bacteria, fungi and viruses harmful organism. Often used as a tea, but it can be found and that extract oil or syrup. In the form of oil, eucalyptus should not be ingested directly, but rather diluted or used for massaging the chest, neck and forehead.

A natural disinfectant as effective and is good and citrus extract, which has a high content of vitamin C prevents colds the one. We already know that vitamin C is a vital substance in the body's development, with important effects in treating infections, but also in increasing the body's ability to fight them. A lemon outfit three minutes in a pot with boiling water and then consumed juice, it is one of the most powerful remedies in treating influenza, since the first symptoms. By heating the juice of lemon, it activates vitamin C which is 10 times stronger and actioneatza as such. But there are citrus extract, especially at the grappefruit, which has antibacterial properties and antimicrobinene, and he is an excellent disinfectant. Liquid form, capsules, tablets, or spray form, this extract can substitute more efficient synthetic creams that mothers use them against irritation caused by diapers to babies. A study by the University of North Carolina showed that vitamin C has proved very effective even in treating snake bites, but viral or bacterial infections and extremely powerful.

Coconut oil and oregano oil, the most powerful natural antibiotics
Discovered by a biochemist with a Ph.D. in nutrition, Mary G. Enig, coconut oil contains an ingredient truly miraculous - monolaurin - who struggle with various illnesses and infections, viruses and bacteria. The miraculous effect of this oil has been registered in a highly publicized case in the US When a baby is born with HIV was fed with formula milk enriched with coconut oil, and after this treatment the child escaped the virus. Coconut oil has given excellent results in many cases, especially in the fight against the microbe Helicobacter - a dangerous bacterium present in the stomach that cause irreparable damage. Patients with such bacteria were successfully treated with virgin coconut oil, one teaspoon three times a day. Even doctors have recognized that coconut oil was more effective than other antibiotics that used to prescribe that was not working.

Used mostly in Italian cuisine, oregano spice is another very popular among chefs. But his true value lies in its medical qualities, considered the most powerful natural antibiotic. Antibacterial properties of oregano oil were officially recognized in 2001, an article published in the prestigious journal "Science Daily". Specify that oil of oregano fight staph, inhibiting the development of these bacteria much more effectively than standard antibiotics, such as penicillin or streptomycin.

Cold and Flu treated with cumin and olive leaf
Strong flavor, fennel originated in the Mediterranean Sea, is a spice used mostly in Arabic and Indian cuisine. But cumin is appreciated for its medical qualities, especially oil extracted from it. It has a high content of antibacterial compounds that help the immune system, especially against colds season. And it only if it is used frequently in food or other dishes.

Since ancient times, olive offered people not only a source of food but also remedies for various ailments. If the fruit of this tree extract olive oil with many therapeutic qualities, not just gourmet leaf extract prepared with antibacterial and antiviral effects. These properties are due to a substance called eoleuropeina. Its main Ingredinetul eleonlic acid which has properties very strong, being an effective fighter against infections, herpes, chronic fatigue, and allergies and skin problems. Functioning as a broad-spectrum antibiotic, olive leaf extract good fight colds and influenzas, respiratory problems and sinusitis. Interesting that the extract acts in other areas. So, it has the ability to lower blood sugar levels, to normalize arrhythmias, to inhibit oxidation and to relax arteries to treat toothache or pain caused by arthritis or hemorrhoids. ( for more health tips visit )

Antibiotics natural diet
Of course, nature offers many other antibiotics that can be used either in the diet, whether seasonal or preventive treatment. Category with antibiotic properties of spices are ginger, turmeric, cloves, paprika, cinnamon, parsley, sesame. And of fruits and vegetables with medicinal properties are berries, grapes, watermelon, kiwi, green leafy vegetables (especially cabbage), carrots, mushrooms, sweet potato. When they can add propolis raw almonds, oats, millet, barley, pumpkin seeds, seaweed, yogurt or kefir.

We will come back in one of the next issues with more details about natural antibiotics that we can find and use every day we strengthen the immune system and helps us maintain our health or achieve.