Most common diseases in men

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Typical diseases among men include not only the specific genre, such as prostate disorders and erectile dysfunction. Liver disease and certain cancers are found with a significantly higher frequency among men. In addition, heart disease and circulatory system and they are considered typically male. Not only the frequency is higher compared to cases found among women, and the age at which they occur is less.

Monks live longer
Men influence the occurrence of these diseases through lifestyle adopted. This conclusion is demonstrated by the so-called study monastery. According to the study, by avoiding external factors, the monks arrive at the venerable age, similar to those recorded by nuns. Otherwise, the life expectancy of men is about 5 years lower than women.

Heart problems and stroke
The number of deaths from heart disease and circulatory system is twice as high among men (5.8 percent) compared to women (3.3 percent). Many men begin to gain weight after age 30 years. If the number of overweight men in the age group 18- 29 years is below 30%, defeating age of 30 years, this percentage increases to 45%! Around the age of 59, every second man weighs more than it should. Overweight men at this age are particularly at risk of heart disease.

While young women are protected from heart disease by the female hormone, the risk for men increases with every extra kilogram "For men aged between 45 -49 years, myocardial infarction is the leading cause of death," said Martin Kordt, a specialist in health economics.

Diseases men: prostate and lung diseases
Lung cancer is not only very dangerous, but affects twice as many men than women, the leading cause of death among men aged between 50 -75 years. The number of male smokers is higher than that of smokers. In addition, men rarely go more medical checks.

Many men suffer from prostate and colon disorders. Only one in four men present at regular colon and prostate checks.

Most men do not observe preventive measures and seek medical attention only when symptoms are felt first. The consequences of this negligence are as many cancers are discovered too late. Prostate problems are a topic among gentlemen not pretty, even if the number of cases of new diseases amounted to 45,000 annually.

Diseases men's Alcohol and accidents
In stressful situations and problems, many men resort to cigarettes and alcohol. The result: for the age segment 40-45 years old, liver disease is the number one cause of death among men. Often men are involved in crashes - at work, in traffic and leisure. In total, injuries nonspecific causes twice as many deaths among men than women.

To these are added and joint injuries (with 40-55 percent more sick days) and fractures of arms, legs and shoulders (with over 70% more than women). ( for more health tips visit )

Erectile dysfunction
Erectile dysfunction is real warning signals to the body and psyche: other causes include high consumption of tobacco, stress or depression. In addition, erectile dysfunction may indicate the presence of undiscovered diseases such as diabetes, cancer, coronary heart disease.

Men with erectile dysfunction are in a vicious circle: often exacerbating the problem of fear of failure and dysfunction worsens, as well as insecurity. In these situations, men are embarrassed to consult a doctor. On average, expect approx. 1.5 years before consulting a doctor, and this can be problematic, especially if this dysfunction that is a more serious expression.