Make this Powerful Antibiotic from Home

by Daniel / Jun 09, 2017 / 0 comments

Antibiotics are drugs that are used to combat bacterial infections but the downside of over the counter drugs is their side effects. In most cases, you need a prescription to buy antibiotics. Due to the high number of bacterial infections, many people are now using antibiotics.

The following is an easy to prepare antibiotic recipe and it is powerful as it has enzymes, probiotics and vitamin C.

You will need these readily available ingredients:

Two peppers (preferably fresh)

A quarter cup of chopped garlic

Turmeric powder two tablespoons or two pieces of turmeric root

A quarter cup of chopped onion

Grated horseradish (two tablespoons)

Apple cider vinegar (700ml)

A quarter cup of grated ginger

How to Prepare

Apart from the vinegar, mix everything else in a jar

Transfer the mixture into a mason jar

Add the vinegar

Seal the jar and shake to mix

Keep the jar in a cool and dry place for fourteen days and shake well two times a day.

After the two weeks are over, squeeze the liquid using a plastic strain until all the juice comes out. Don’t throw away the dry mixture as you can use it for cooking.

This antibiotic solution is good because it has anti-inflammatory effects, helps the digestive tract, keeps alkaline and acid levels in check, strengthens the immune system and clears bacterial infections.